Thursday, February 18, 2010

And now, some tears before bedtime...

Yes, Peter Berner may be having a show of his artwork up Woop Woop somewhere but he will no longer be hosting The Einstein Factor as Aunty declined to continue penning in her dance card for that particular waltz.
How ever will I survive without watching someone answer a squillion questions on the making of the ipod in 1654 with a bonus round of how many sets of false teeth bit Henry VIII on his throne?

*trots off to drool over the latest Cath Kidston delectable goodies*


  1. Sounds like another antipodean treat I've missed out on. (Two dangling prepositions in one sentence...beat that if you can.)

  2. Whilst reading about your challenge between bites of my breakkie apple I was moved towards taking it up, despite myself whereas I shall wait until you've finished snoozing before counting the 7 prepositions.
    *juvenile tongue poking ensues*

  3. Hi Jayne, Your pancakes sounded yummy. I have some maple syrup somewhere (I think?) Good idea to pin a notice on the fridge to remind me when its pancake day. I once stuck a note to the television so I would remember to record a tv programme that was coming on in about 10 days time, unfortunately I got so used to it being stuck to the front bottom edge of the tv screen that I completely ignored it and still missed the programme LOL! X

  4. Not sure about dangling prepositions, but the first anonymous commenter above appears to be suffering from dangling propositions. (Boom boom.)

  5. LOL Vintage Kitten.

    I did cut down the dangling propositions, Brian *shudder*.