Wednesday, February 17, 2010


We shall resume bleating and blathering at a great rate of knots as soon as I've finished burying certain uni lecturers in the vegie patch dealing with half-wits let loose on innocent enquiring minds venting my spleen at a bloke who'll be thankful there's a whole state between us.
Isn't it just splendid weather we're having at the moment?
Doctor Who part deaux next Sunday woot!
Final ep of The No.1 Ladies Detective Agency tonight boo.
Rumous has it that Spicks and Specks are doing a special show theme-based on a certain successful Oz musical recently turned into a bran nue film.
Extra WOOT!


  1. A certain successful Oz musical? That'll be the one with the scarecrow and the tin man and the wizard in it, will it?

  2. You mean the musical about the big chain store with no heart or brain that tried to tell us a heritage-listed building disappeared in a big wind, Brian?
    Err, no.