Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Calling all Aussies and Kiwis...Late notice Shrine lecture by Erica Myers-Davis

Just received an email to alert me to a new talk next Tuesday at The Shrine of Remembrance in Melbourne but I shall be unable to attend due to umpteen appointments.
Erica Myers-Davis will give a talk on her new book Under One Flag which
"tells of the service of Indigenous and Ethnic peoples of the Commonwealth in the Second World War. Stories include Australia’s only Aboriginal fighter pilot, Indigenous battalions like New Zealand’s 28th (Maori) Battalion and the Pacific Island’s South Pacific Scouts."
Further details of the book HERE and HERE.
Under One Flag Tuesday 16th February 2010 , 1pm.
Bookings essential.
All public lectures at the Shrine are free, gold coin donation encouraged.

*Some lectures will become available via podcast, subscribe to the website for updates HERE.


  1. It is my Day off..I shall see what I can do to attend :)

  2. I'll try and make it, but I think my water wings might have a puncture.