Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Do you dangle or jiggle your ding-dong?

In Vic politics on this day....a Premier was pupped, one popped his clogs, dissolution of 11th Parliament *yawn*.
In more thrilling news my father was tootling about Coles last night in his wheelchair, powered by yours truly, when he began warbling about "Don't let your ding dong dangle in the dirt..."
Some 20-somethings nearby overheard him and I had to shush him as they got that wild eyed look about 'em like they were going to stampede through the fresh produce section in mad abandon and mayhem (you know how these young'uns carry on when they realise they weren't the first generation to sing smutty songs or discover sex!).
But I found the (slightly different version) full words of the song for Dad and your reading pleasure below....
Don't let your ding-dong dangle in the dirt,
If you dangle your ding-dong it might get hurt
Put it in your pocket or shove it up your shirt,
But don't let your ding-dong dangle in the dirt.

Dad can be heard at approx. 6pm this evening in a Coles supermarket near you!

1905 NZ Maoris were granted an exemption to the White Australia Policy.

1916 Fire destroyed the Parliament Buildings with 7 killed, the result of a probably carelessly thrown away cigarette. The library was saved by the closing of the iron doors but it wasn't until 1920 when it was completely rebuilt in the Gothic revival style.
Shedloads of photos HERE.

1931 Hawkes Bay earthquake, hitting 7.8 on the Richter Scale, was the worst ever; killed 256 people and the worst damage was in the Napier and Hastings area.

1942 The Oz War Cabinet rubber stamped the Army's plans to introduce uniform conditions across all areas of the armed service.
Except nothing was mentioned about correcting the discriminatory low level of pay imposed upon the unsung heroes of the Torres Strait Islanders who served in the Army defending the northern part of Oz.

1947 In Snag, Yukon, they were snuggling up for warmth when the mercury dipped to -64C.
Throw another log on the fire....

1964 Sydney began trialling the double deck train carriages on it's rail lines.
And, before you ask about using them in Melbourne, they've trashed the trial 4D train they were using, mixed excuses why they're not being implemented, full history HERE.


  1. A ding-dong is a watch chain isn't it Jayne?

  2. Now how does that other song go...the one by Ivor Biggum and the D-Cups, I think it was...

    He's the man with biggest plonker in the world,
    Ding dong dangle,
    Strap it to your ankle.


  3. Ha ha!
    Love it :)

    Thank you for your comment on the college situation, I haven't responded on my blog as I'm keeping it a bit quiet around here...for now...but I am on a warpath :)


  4. Hilarious! Wish I'd have seen those 20yo's faces....

  5. that was so funny, but now I am finding myself chanting it and I am getting odd looks from the hubby lol. Classic,I would love to have been there.

  6. Amiable dispatch and this fill someone in on helped me alot in my college assignement. Thanks you on your information.

  7. Well just as well I'm wearing a blog troll suit today..need I remind you that in 'popping one's clogs' one must first apply to The Popping Your Clogs with Style Society Ink (In need of kicking)

    Other than me looking like a blog troll heo are ya Jayne great post and as usual you've severely crakced me up..heck now I need a plastic Blog Troll Surgeon..


    PS I have a confession 5 years ago I murdered my Grandpa's old lawn mower. In that case it popped its piston not its clogs...

  8. Of course it is, Andrew :P

    Wait til you see the one I dug out for tomorrow, Brian *snort*

    No worries, G, and good luck on that warpath!

    Raelene, they couldn't decide whether to laugh, cry or sneer lol.

    Ahh, I've been a bad influence on you, Janine lol.

    Riiiiiiight, Anonymous.

    LMAO Liz and thanks :)

  9. My mum-in-laws version:-
    Don't let your dingle dangle dangle in the dirt
    Get yourself a safety pin and pin it to your shirt.