Sunday, February 14, 2010

Feb 14 and the only gushing lurve 'round these parts is history

Have been tracing another squillion lines of the family tree; am currently back in Bavarian forests with Huguenots in France, very minor nobility in Palatine, Pennsylvanian Dutch in Pennsylvania, Canucks in Ontario, an Amish connection thrown in for artistic measure, Scots immigrants from Jedburgh, Roxburghshire (back on familiar turf there) and every bugger under the sun thought it wise to change either the spelling or entire name each time they upped sticks.
Yep, it's keeping me out of mischief!

Post pillar in Carnegie.

Got to admire those big enough to admit when they've gone feral.

These small inspection plates are few and far between these days but back when plumbers were thrilled to connect a flash inside loo they were able to advertise their business when ordering these plates for any new buildings where they'd completed work.
This one is on Koornang Rd, Carnegie shopping strip.

Toll Gates plaque, on Dandenong Rd, Carnegie.
It reads;
Toll gates with the toll-keeper's houses were erected on Dandenong Rd in 1864 on Breakneck Rd (later Waverley Rd) in 1866 and at this site in 1868. The toll was expensive; variously 6 pence or 12 pence per passage. Traffic was heavy, one Dandenong Rd gate collected  £1235 ($2470) in 1870. Tolls, like any tax, were never popular, were regularly avoided or grudgingly surrendered. Toll keepers, too, were the frequent butt of practical jokes, but the extent of road use demonstrates their importance to the community.

Old and new bits of St Peter's in East Melbourne.

I'm not ordinarily a fan of modern architecture but this has really impressed me; the width size was (approx.) barely 3 metres wide yet they've managed to work this stunning building in a marked manner while not clashing with surrounding architectural styles.

Old cable tram shed, City Rd, Sth Melb.

Just able to see the old doors in through which the cable trams once walted.

For those who are obsessed dedicated to Egypt and all things Mummy you can pop over to this site HERE to play a new game to try to build a pyramid.
Go on, you know you wanna show off your bajillion year old building skills.

For those who lurve and want to save Georgian architecture there is The Georgian Group with their blog found HERE.
For those located in London or UK The Georgian Group is currently giving away free membership for a year if you follow them on Twitter (see, the demon-inspired social networking infernal creation does have its good points!).
More HERE.


  1. "...they've managed to work this stunning building in a marked manner while not clashing with surrounding architectural styles."

    I hate to think what the rest of the street looks like then.

  2. All those nationalities are in your family background? You can claim cultural heritage anywhere! I have Germany, Sweden, Poland and maybe a little Russian peasant.

  3. Ah, Brian, the tiny block had sat empty since God stopped making the Earth until something was able to be built there.

    It's getting that way, River lol.

  4. Ahh Jayne, so those lovely inscriptions are called inspection plates! I have noticed two at a tramstop in Brunswick - one for a plumber, the other ironmonger - and I've been wondering what their function was exactly. I haven't seen, or noticed them anywhere else. Thank you, another mystery solved!

  5. I'm loving that modern house(?) Wonder what its is like inside......