Saturday, February 6, 2010

Feb 6 hangs low with O'Leary's balls....

For a lovely rendition of today's dirty ditty "O'Leary's Balls" please click HERE.

1791 Guv Arty Phillips changed the name of Rose Hill to that of the Indigenous name of the area, Parramatta.

1837 On the site of Canada's Parliament Buildings actors inside the British garrison staged the first play called The Village Lawyer.

1840 Lt-Guv Billy Hobson signed the Treaty of Waitangi with Maori chiefs.

1851 The Black Thursday bushfires around Melbourne claimed 6 lives when the shade temperature at Mt Gambier reached 47 C.

1894 Those in Ontario were a just a tad savage on the demon drink, voting to bring in prohibition in a local referendum.

1901 Talented painter Frances Hodgkins farewelled NZ for Europe where she met Dorothy Kate Richmond.

1956 The very first automatic boom gates went into operation in Toorak Road, Tooronga.
Wish 'em a happy birthday as you crawl past in the traffic jam today, boys and girls!

1975 Please be seated for the next trivial gibblet...
Alberta govt slashed personal income tax by 28% making Albertans the lowest taxed Canucks.
Yes, you read that right..a govt that DECREASED income tax.

1981 During the Waitangi celebrations in Wellington 30 lesbians carried the protest banner "Lesbians Oppose Racism".


  1. My Nan used to say a ditty like this:
    The wind doth blow, the girls dresses high, and God doth blow the dirt in the dirty man's eye!

  2. "Guv Arty Phillips changed the name of Rose Hill to that of the Indigenous name of the area, Parramatta."

    Didn't Rose Hill object?

    Actually I knew somebody from Birmingham once whose name we changed to that of the indiginous name of the area. We now call him 'Sh*thole'.