Monday, February 1, 2010

February 1,... 11 was a racehorse, 22 was 1 2, 1111 race, 22112.

1858 Captain William Dean in his balloon Australiasian made the first balloon ascent in Oz at Cremorne Gardens Melbourne.

1878 Ring ring! Cyrille Duquet, who hailed from Quebec, patented  his version of the telephone.

1888 The Torres Strait Island newspaper The Daily Pilot began publication on this day.

1893 Prince Albert, in Saskatchewan, was chilling out to the coldest day on record at -56.7 degrees C.

1919 first air crash fatality in NZ happened when Cecil McKenzie Hill, who was the chief instructor for the Canterbury Aviation Company, was killed while flying over Riccarton Racecourse.

1920 The Royal Canadian Mounted Police Force began galloping after their men!

1925 The gracious and gorgeous Melbourne Town Hall was gutted by fire. .

1968 While our Australian and NZ troops continued their resistance against the full-scale attack on their base at Nui Dat by Viet Cong forces. 

1969 Oz signed on to the International Convention of the Elimination of all forms of Racial Discrimination...but the CERD treaty came to be closely eye-balled in the 1990s as Oz had failed to eliminate racial discrimination for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders.

1971 The Canadian Post Office began the "assured mail program' where mail dropped into the mailbox before 11am was guaranteed next day delivery (in major cities).

1980 At the stroke of 9 pm NZ Police raided the Westside sauna in Auckland, question 30 men, arrested and charged 8.

1981 Trevor Chappell bowled underarm to the Kiwis.
Speaking of Trevor Chappell (the radio host NOT the cricketer) he interviewed an author, John Gardner, of a beaut new Oz history book The Dunny Man, Taking Care of Business.


  1. And my horse? 3333? Still running......

  2. "The Dunny Man, Taking Care of Business."

    Sounds like a load of old crap to me.

  3. I really want the Dunny Man book, Jayne. Still can't believe some used to carry the container of poo to the cart on their heads, while the local dogs took pot shots at their ankles. That's what a call a tough job.

  4. LOL River, sounds like my usual Melb Cup picks ;)

    It's where they buried that old crap that should have you worried, Brian lol :P

    It sounds like a beauty, LiD, and yes, they had a real talent!

    Remember the old joke...
    what has 4 wheels, no wings but flies?
    The night cart (boom boom).

  5. I agree with you. I wish I had your blogging style.

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