Monday, February 22, 2010

February 23 the no frills version

1971 The first university group of Campus CAMP was established at Sydney Uni.

1987 First mobile phone call was made in Oz...via a brick.

1990 A report was unleashed upon the public outlining how The State Bank of Victoria had made a loss of $1.345 billion, which was a large-ish sum back in the old days, boys and girls.
Which is why Victoria no longer has a State Bank.

Am tired, will perform song and dance for you all as soon as my leotard and whip are back from the dry cleaners.


  1. 1987 I remember that year, I remember the brick like phones too, thought my Uncle was so swarve and cool with his mobile phone. My how things have changed!

  2. " soon as my leotard and whip are back from the dry cleaners."

    That custard can be a bugger to get off leather.

  3. My children cannot conceive of a time when the phone stayed in one place, and to use it, you had to go to where it was...

    Cracks me up. How dramatically life has changed in a generation.

    New Zealand doesn't want Russell Crowe either.

  4. Dropping one of those phones in the loo would cause a sewer blockage, Cazzie lol.

    No custard or leather couches here, Brian, you might be thinking of Robbbert :P

    LOL Debby, it's odd to see people using public phones these days, too.
    No, once NZ got rid of him I think they closed the borders ;)

  5. The original mobile phones would do nearly as much damage to your head as a brick if you were hit with one. I think they weighed about the same.

  6. Apparently us Aussie hoard old mobiles, Andrew, wonder if there's enough old brick types to build a house from?

  7. when I see movies from the 80's where people are using brick phone I crack up. People using them back then thought they were so cool. Thank goodness times have changed....

    Leotard and whip?

  8. Remember the original car phones, Janine, the great big clunkers with handsets like a home phone?
    Yes, leotards and whip makes my troll oh so very happy *snort*.

  9. I remember a friend had a carphone - that had its own small suitcase.

  10. Ohhhh, yes, Jeanie, for the mega battery lol.

  11. lol at the small suitcase....and now with bluetooth my have times have changed.

  12. Some of today's mobile phones are so tiny they look like toys. I prefer mine to be at least big enough to spot in the bottom of my bag. I remember the brick-like phones, I thought even then, they looked a little silly.

  13. Yep, Janine,things got smaller but more expensive...?

    Some are way too small to even read the numbers, River lol.