Wednesday, February 24, 2010

February 25 engine red makes it go faster to end up washed down the back...

1841 In a sign that the youth of the age had nought to better themselves with Eddie John Eyre, a mere whipper-snapper at 25 yrs, strolled 1,000 miles from Adelaide to Albany in WA.

1922 Molly Joan Lamb Bobak, only female appointed as a War Artist, was pupped on this day in Vancouver.

1922 The Kiwi flick My Lady Of The Cave premiered with great fanfare at the Grand Theatre in Queen St, Auckland.

1940 In the first televised hockey match the New York Rangers beat the Montreal Canadians 6-2 at Madison Square Gardens.

1943 The NZ PoW camp at Featherstone had a mutiny by the Japanese PoWs which resulted in 48 Japanese dead, 61 wounded and 1 dead with 11 injured guards.

1961 Oh the fools!
Sydney's last tram bolted home from Rankwick after tootling about the tracks for more than 100 years.
Flinders back beach.

Yellow = New Zealand
Orange = Canada
Green = Australia
Red = usually British or other nationality
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  1. Ta, Janine, she seemed like a talented lady :)