Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Oh crafty temptress

Spotlight, my home away from home, the delightfully scrumptious store filled to the brim with yarns and cottons and materials and Every.Little.Sparkly thing a gal desires to glue/sew/knit/crochet/ hell, even nail-gun together to make a pretty.
Thy art and craft temptress hath waved yet more bait beneath my nose, this time a mega huge sale and filled my inbox with messages TRUMPETING the delicious goodies on offer.
Yet not enough thine seductress doth snail-mail me a VOUCHER to do much damage with!
My strength did waver at the sight of it but I prevailed!
I tucked it into a book.
And I'm sure I left the book just, somewhere.......
OMG OMG OMG I've got to find the voucher.....!


  1. I'm not tempted by crafty things.

    *smiles superiorly*

    Don't ask any questions. Let me be superior for a moment.

  2. I found some Liberty fabric hidden away in a cupboard today, and dreams of being crafty surfaced yet again. Now,if you went down to Spotlight, even though you didn't mean to, mind , and it was an accidental kind of thing, what sort of pretty might you make? :)

  3. I'd roll madly in the sumptuous materials then pick all the pretty yarns for crochet, LiD ;)

    Cos they can't knit one, purl one, Brian?

  4. Underneath the rubbish at my feet is a box with the most luscious deep red crimson ribbons and matt baubles and a wreath ring I made myself. It'll still be there by next Christmas when maybe I'll get to finish it.
    I dare not look in my sewing room, I get frightened easily.