Monday, February 15, 2010

On the trot...gallop....over the water hazard and into the straight....

Have a bajillion appointments of every man and his dog coming to do stuff to the house for Dad so we escaped and did a runner (actually it was closer to a power walk for me while he merely sat in his wheelchair) down to Murrumbeena then Carnegie, do-se-doed around Spotlight (gave in and bought some of the uber-gorgeous $1 balls of yarn) then we bolted up Dandenong Rd where we huffed and puffed up the great bloody hill (while all of you miserable buggers sailed past in cars gawking at the weird chick who used her legs, ha! Why, yes, I was poking my tongue out at you, you noticed?) til we reached Chaddy (oh, evil temptress) where we chucked a right and scooted down Poath Rd through Hughesdale then up the railway path to Oakleigh and staggered through the door and screeched for a lemonade.
Actually, that's the G rated version, what Dad really said when he strolled in was "Charming walk" while I collapsed on the floor promising to severely critique everyone under the roof if they didn't IMMEDIATELY pour a gallon of something wet down my throat and, no, battery acid didn't count.
So, that's my excuse why there's no history blather today.
Or tomorrow.
Cos my legs are twanging...yes, yes, you can hear them from there.
Even my dog sits up and starts whining at me when they twang. She's living in hope that she's in line for the biggest bone ever to gnaw on.
And I'm off to the land of Nod, so hoo-roo, tie me kangaroo down, sport unless you'd rather a pox-ridden kookaburra in the old gum tree, screwing all the dead birds he can see? Stop! kookaburra, Stop! That one's got VD.
Wait, Miranda!
Don't go up there, Miranda....
Was the damn dirty kookaburra and stuffed koala in cahoots with Phar Lap and Dick Francis.
In the words of Alan Alda..."You can't stuff Grandma".
Good night!


  1. "...and scooted down Poath Rd through Hughesdale..."

    It's about time they named an area of Melbourne after me.

  2. And to think, all this time, we were labouring under the misunderstanding it was named after a local landowner/councillor! :P

  3. I was just knackered reading about your powerwalk. What a day of it you had. Hope you slept well and feel energised today.

  4. So hjow many kilometres was that and did you walk home again? If yes, then you've earned yourself a vanilla slice.

  5. We really were neighbours when I was back in ole' Murrumbeena! We were on Neerim Rd just near Springthorpe Gardens!