Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Roland Perry The Australian Light Horse Buy The Book!

Went in to the Shrine of Remembrance to listen to a talk from author Roland Perry about his book The Australian Light Horse.
I'm surprised the book hasn't caused more of a stir than it has owing to the fact he has extensively researched impeccable resources and brought to light some hidden truths of WW1 not to mention exploded a few popular myths so you'd best read the book.
Beersheba was not the last Light Horse charge, Lawrence of Arabia did not take Damascus, and more besides (read the book!).
Suffice to say the Aussies were gipped of a few official nods of approval on the world stage as it was not politically suitable for the Aussies to get the guernsey when the Brits wanted control of more land in the Middle East so the Arabs were placed in officially 'taking' several Turkish-held towns leaving them in a position to demand to be under Brit rule, rather than Britain having to splice the whole land mass up with France.
Read the book!
Lawrence was given to gilding the lily, he was a spy, similar to James Bonds' M. He cultivated the Arabs into his hand, the movie is pure tosh.
Read the book!
Anyways Dad had a ball, really enjoyed the talk, Feral Beast thanked the author and I kicked myself as they sold out the last copy of the book.
Off to tres evil Chaddy tomorrow to Buy The Book!


  1. Nothing like a good shameless plug, even if it is for someone else ;) (Great yarn!)

  2. Ah, I knew there was something shifty about that Lorry from Arabia LOL. Yet another book for the WANT IT NOW list. Thanks Jayne

  3. Hi! My wife's grandfather was in the Light Horse Regiment. We have this fantastic photo of him with his horse while serving in Egypt. If you could only see it, as it looks like it was taken yesterday!

    Take Care,