Monday, February 8, 2010

Telly moves

What has the ABC done with The Einstein Factor?????
Sunday 6.30pm is now....Collectors...?!
Collectors lives on Friday nights at 8pm as lead-in to the movie of the night.
It Always Has Done (and must continue to do so or the world will cease to exist as we know it).
Where is Peter Berner hiding? I'd suggest the ABC wardrobe or canteen but knowing that Aunty runs on our 8 cents per day she doesn't quite stretch to more than a pie in plastic wrapping and a cheap wig from the discount store.
So....last night we slipped into Collectors, tootled about Bendigo and the National Bendigo Swap Meet (it's completely INSANE. Brilliant, but insane!).
Then we popped over to UKTV to amble down the lane with the geriatric delinquents in Last of The Summer Wine where we quickly side-stepped the oh-so-tempting town of Ashfordly in Heartbeat that was coming up behind the former Captain Peacock et el and popped over to Talkin' About Your Generation.
Which I missed entirely as Feral Beast had a conniption over the essay he was trying to finish and I had to promptly begin speaking in Swahili and practice the laying on of the hands  aka wiping the fevered forehead down with a cold washer before he burst a phoofer valve or something.
Then, with a lack of anything decent we hop, skipped and jumped back over to UKTV to roam at will about the deadliest patch on Britiah telly...Midsomer.
Yes, Barnaby and Jones took us on a tour of Skivvington where the chicky babes were raving feminists, the vicar was gay, the old ducks not so gay but very meddling and brandy was laced with Nasty Things.
All in all a grand night with our hot, sweaty arses parked in front of the idiot box.
Although....question, to all my UK readers....
Coronation Street?
BIG ads for "Lucky Beccy and Steve" getting hitched....with the obligatory cat's bum face being pulled by one old slapper.
Who is Beccy?
Why does she need all the luck to make it to the church on time?
But what I'm most confuzzled about is....why is Red Dwarf's Lister spray painting Good Luck on the back of a car and WHAT the heck happened to his hair???


  1. Jayne,

    I don't watch Coronation Street. Can't stand the programme. Apparently it's been running for about five hundred years or something, but I don't see the appeal. So I can't answer your questions unfortunately, although I could tell you what happens to the Master in Dr Who if you like...

  2. Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!
    No spoilers please she types as a moth crawls up the monitor and tries to eat the hard drive.

  3. p.s. David Tennant doesn't actually die. It's just a big set up.

  4. I can tell you what happens in Dr Who as well! Oh.. right... you weren't even talking about Dr Who, were you... I can't help you with anything else either - the whereabouts of the Eistein Factor (since we went digital we seem to have lost our grip on ABC programming). I've never watched an episode of Coronation Street. And I missed Talkin' Bout etc, which is quite possibly a good thing, as I'm not sure I wanted to see Joe Hockey brandishing a tutu.

  5. Ahhh, thanks, Tracey, I knew there was another reason I avoided Talkin' About....the tutu was too too much!

  6. Well I agree but I about the list inform should acquire more info then it has.

  7. Ah, the comforting routine of TV programs. If it's Torchwood, it must be Friday...