Sunday, February 14, 2010

Thank you , Canada.

Your opening ceremony for the Winter Olympics rocked.
I missed a bit (dodgy pie, let's not go there) but laid out flat on the couch I was spell-bound by the display put on for the world.
The Feral Beast and my 86 yr old Dad have fallen in love with k.d Lang; Dad was so moved by her rendition of Leonard Cohen's Hallelujah he asked if we could get any of her CD's.
I've fallen in love with her golden tonsils all over again, (dare I say it?) she sounds even better than years ago, she made the song effortless and pure.
And doesn't she make a white suit THE thing to be seen in!
The slam poet was damn good; loved that he made the point "From A to Zed...yes, we say Zed not Zee" which drew a huge round of cheers and applause from the audience (and from moi on the sick bed).
The River dancing, leather pants teamed with kilts and Celtic tats on bare chests, wild violins and fiddles with Satan in a boat throwing out the challenge ( no, not wild hallucinations from the least, I don't think they were....) the fabulous imagery with the aerial artists swooping and flying all over the stadium was superb.
And, so the 4th column didn't work for the torch.
Y'know what?
You all handled the minor hiccup with such laid-back ease we wouldn't have even known except the Aussie commentator couldn't help himself and blab the mishap, but no biggie.
We were watching for the magic and hospitality you so successfully delivered to us all.


  1. Of course, the little incident with the luge has put a slight downer on the whole affair I believe.

  2. KD Lang is freaking awesome.

    Her rendition gave me chills.

  3. BH (above) is quite right. I am supposed to be in the Knitting Olympics (AND the Ravlympics), but in the wake of his death, I just cannot get enthusiastic about knitting.

    With the opening ceremonies: you're welcome. But it wasn't just the fourth column not working. The designer of the whole evening spoke on Canadian TV today. (A Pommy who first came to Canada five years ago - and I'm not even sure he's been here all the while since then.)
    He said the four Aboriginal chiefs were late arriving because of traffic being re-directed due to protesters. And the governor-general only made it with 37 seconds to spare before she announced the opening.(He did not say why she was late).
    I thought the slam poet was fantastic too.

    (Change bracketed caps to symbols.)

  4. I thought about watching the opening ceremony, but completely forgot about it. Damn. Oh well, there's always next time. If I remember.

  5. Yes, very sad, Brian.

    Absolutely, Kel.

    Hi, Janey!
    We just heard about the protesters here in Oz, what on earth...?

    Was just lovely to watch, River.

  6. T'was brilliant.
    and K.D. Lang is pure white-suited awesome.