Friday, February 19, 2010

They do not represent the majority of Aussies but I would like to apologise for their purile behaviour

I would like to whole-heartedly apologise on behalf of two of the most incredibly juvenile neanderthals to grace prime time television in Australia.
I will not refer to the two 'Olympic commentators' by name, suffice to say there has been plenty of  fury and disgust at their stupid comments without giving them more free publicity.
One particular commentator was quick to leap upon the bandwagon to castigate the Hey Hey producers for allowing the black face skit to go to air last year.
How can he not see that his words/phrases are equally offensive and just as damaging to the LGBT community he once feted so far as to claim that 'his' football club was 'ready for gay players'?
Can't see any players willing to 'come out' with that type of vilifying 'humour' on tap at the top.But I would like to thank everyone who has spoken up against them to make it very clear that homophobic remarks on the international sporting stage is Just.Not.Acceptable.
Not in 2010.
Not when they represent our country.
Not at any time.
And most certainly NOT when homophobic, insecure fucktards believe these type of comments sanction their own vicious behaviour towards those in the LGBT community.
A presenter on JOY radio suggested that these two commentators in question should perhaps be made to read some victim impact statements, visit some people in hospital/ rehab recovering from being bashed, maybe speak to the loved ones and families of those who are no longer with us due to morons who voiced the same type of homophobic comments but attached more savagery than schoolboy sniggers to their words.
Maybe they should donate their time and money to gay youth suicide prevention.
But there's no maybe about the fact they need to stop passing these disgusting remarks on national tv.


  1. Must have missed that one. Odd really because I'm usually such a fan of sports programmes.

  2. I think that you would have had to take the Australian feed of the Olympics. Great moral leadership. Not! What a pair of ass holes.

  3. You don't really expect better of Channel Bogan do you?

  4. Google australia olympic commentator homophobic remarks, Brian. On second thoughts, life's too short to bother with garbage like that.

    Spot on, Colin.

  5. Ian, can't say as I really could in light of that football show remaining on air.

  6. there are olympics on? missed that one.

    and i'll take a miss on searching for the hateful, hurtful remarks as you wisely suggest Jayne. Glad to hear there is an outraged backlash to their intolerant behaviour. 'nuff said.

    On the positive front, pleased to hear Australia challenging Japan on whaling issue. Hello, Japan, wholesale butchery is NOT a winter olympic sport!

  7. They've been misinformed about Ramming of Ships and Spraying Pepper Spray at Protesters (then lying about it when the wind changes and blows it back in their own faces until they're caught out on camera) as sporting events, too, Kuaka.
    Piss-poor fibs seem to be their stock in trade.

  8. How joyous it is to be "off the grid" and have not the slightest idea of what rankles you so .. heh.

  9. Dipsticks, they are everywhere. How hey remain in media astounds me.

  10. You're missing nothing, Davo!

    Kim, Cazzie and Rhubarb - ditto!