Thursday, March 18, 2010

Go on, you know you wanna peek

Tennison pulled Sherlock aside to interrogate him.
"Couldn't we get other detectives, like ones who might actually still be breathing? Or a decent writer?!"
Basil shook his head, to which Tennison began barking sharp questions.
"Water skiing with toy boys in the Caribbean,"
"He's on a 12 step programme somewhere,"
"Oscar Wilde?"
"Currently on his honeymoon with his hubby in Washington DC,"
"All stark starking, raving bonkers, every last one of 'em,"
"Austen? No...forget I mentioned her,"
Sherlock rolled his eyes and quietly smirked.
"That curly haired Jonathon Creek character?"
"Too busy playing Alan Davies on QI,"
"Frost? Wexford? Rebus? Macbeth? Dalgalish? Rosemary and Thyme?"
"Fishing at Morecambe Bay, became a pool shark, resting up between distilleries, hasn't been seen since Nessie et his uniform, writing computer programs for bagpipe music and the last investigation those two ladies were involved in there was talk afterwards of chemical enhancement used on the flowers, not au naturale at all,"
"Bugger, we're further up that shitty creek than I realised," Tennison put down her tumbler of spirits and grabbed 3 full bottles, walking back to the dim recesses of the shadowy room calling back over her shoulder,
"You're on your own Basil or at least until the booze runs out. Let me know when the fat lady's singing, won't you?"

1839 The first honey bees were introduced to New Zealand. Further info HERE.
1928 Happy birthday to feted Canadian female artist Betty Goodwin.
1973 The College of Aboriginal Education was founded at the College of Arts and Education in Adelaide.
1982 Argentines planted their flag in the Brit colony of the Falkland Islands.
Yellow = New Zealand

Orange = Canada
Green = Australia
Red = usually British or other nationality.
Anything in bold, italics and coloured blue is a link to another site with more info.
Anything outrageous is usually humour and/or sarcasm.

Watching a show on Nat Geo Adventure tonight where the presenters explored some of Newfoundland and the islands....and The Spouse has decided it would be a great idea for us to retire to Pigeon Cove on Quirpon Island (pop.1) where we can commune with whales, icebergs and nature.
Until I pointed out it was the middle of July when the show was shot, which is Summer and everyone was still shivering so much their teeth chattered.
He decided he likes it here after all.


  1. Betty Goodwin, another awesome woman who knew what she wanted and used her brains and wit to achieve just that!

  2. Five pound of honey per person per year in NZ in 1966? Seems an awful lot. Doubt Aus would come close.

  3. I agree Andrew, that sounds far too much.....I wonder if thats why some people referred to NZ as the land of Milk and Honey?

    Jayne, I clearly read too much and watch too many detective type progs as I knew every person you refered to in that post.

  4. Gotta love these fiesty women, Cazzie :)

    Nope, Aus wouldn't come within a bulls roar, Andrew, cos we're hell-bent on paving paradise and putting up a parking lot.

    LOL Janine, at least someone knew who I meant ;)

  5. Hey! Rosemary and Thyme! I used to love watching that show. The gardening and herbs pulled me in.