Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Heritage Walk in the bush

We met at the corner of Lavender Park Rd and Kent-Hughes Rd (where dark deeds with axes were done but we shall not share the gruesome details today) and we then trotted down Kent-Hughes Rd (named after a local pollie).

The not-so rare flora of Plumbago.

We waltzed past the former Dattner homes of The Orchard House and Cherry Trees, both beautiful homes in a lovely landscape. I only mention the homes as I believe they are both now sold out of the family.

A not-very clear shot of the bajillion millipedes which were on the march before the storm hit.

We gambolled across Hillcrest Ave, which leads to the river but in a rather rude manner that would tip one headfirst into it.
So, we took the long way around, past the former Griffith house down Griffith Park Rd to the park of the same name which was part of his former land.

Morrison's Breakwater.

After reaching Griffith Park we tramped along the path beside the river, enjoying the breezes, the views and the rumbles of thunder.

Yarra River looking down river towards Melbourne.

Remaining rails of the Army-built cable train/tram that lowered a fishing boat from a WW2 rehab centre far up on the almost vertical hillside down to the flats and then into the Yarra River.

A winch in the boat house would haul it back up the hillside at the end of the day.

Contrast of light showing how quickly it grew dark as the storm boiled above us, yet we were barely rained upon.
Many of these blocks of land on the 'flats' beside the river have been purchased by Parks Vic and, sadly, are looking a little scrubby with thistles, blackberry, etc, although nowhere near as overgrown as it might have been.
Pity Parks Vic are under-funded so badly.

Hardship with vistas like this.

Traditional meeting place of the Wurundjeri-Willam People; once a hefty-sized billabong but now completely dry.
Sweeney's Flat.
Now owned by Parks Vic.

Scenic shot.

We walked along the river until we stopped for a quick afternoon tea (above)  then we began the climb up Sweeney's Lane (where one needs to be part Mountain Goat to attempt) and found the 2nd historic Sweeney's home, Culla Hill, just as the heaven's opened.

The original 1840s house was demolished in the 1950s but the people retained the original stone-built barn (now incorporated into a large building) which, for privacy reasons, is not photographed here.

Dead, tortured tree.

Hillside slope.
With Trees.

Further details HERE.


  1. "Kent-Hughes Rd (named after a local pollie)."

    Thank god for that. I thought somebody was calling me a Kent for a moment.

  2. Holy cow, you folks have had some weather, haven't you? Luckily I live where we still have a foot of snow on the ground.

    Oh, yay.