Sunday, March 28, 2010

Holding a pity party for your minds....

While we leave the group of snoops nibbling delicately on the corners of the menus dreaming of pickled tongue we'll wing our way across London to see what Jones and Buffy are up to....
Having seen what they were up to I feel my retinas are burning and was unaware the human body could attain that position without the skill of a surgeon we should have a small break and ponder the meaning of the universe whilst gazing at our navals under a Yum Yum tree.
Failing that, let's think about what happened on this day in history.
Much safer.
Now, let's see...what's the date tomorrow? Ah, 28th of...March. Goodness, where's the year gone?
1876 Chicky babes were admitted to Adelaide Uni. Woot.
1928 The first automatic street lighting system in Ottawa began flicking on then off then on then off.
1964 Pirate radio station Radio Caroline was established. Double woot.
1983 Just for Andrew - Oz and NZ signed the CER agreement, full text in mind-numbing detail HERE.

Tomorrow there will be snaps, pics and photos galore...of stuffs.

Yellow = New Zealand
Orange = Canada
Green = Australia
Red = usually British or other nationality
Anything in bold, italics and coloured blue is a link to another site with more info.
Anything outrageous is usually humour and/or sarcasm.


  1. Well, it was important to New Zealand. They were excited about it.

  2. Chicky babes. Haha. that is Me!

  3. Yes, Andrew, when they could have aimed so much higher:P

    Absolutely, Cazzie lol.