Monday, March 29, 2010

I C Food....

Marple's eyes glazed over as Hercule continued ranting about the Scottish doctor William Hunter who popped his clogs on this day in 1783. Marple was hoping for a similar fate to befall her when she heard the saddest news yet ; that Canadian Navy members were given the last daily rum ration ever in 1972.
Joan and Margaret were left shaking their heads in sorrow, both pining for a sip of their home made Dandelion Beer.
Crying together, Barnaby, Foyle and Mr Gorby were somewhat cheered to learn of Kiwi daredevil Fred Ladd who flew his plane under the Auckland Harbour Bridge in 1967.
In fact, there were murmured calls from the surrounding shadowy darkness for Biggles and Algy to make an appearance at some point in this painfully dragged out story but to counter-act against the rebel forces in the darkness daylight savings was extended by a week in 2008 to standardise the time in NSW, Vic, Tassie, ACT, and SA.
Suddenly, all were silenced, the heavy atmosphere of Dirty Dick Whittington's All You Can Eat Seafood Buffet was throbbing with portent happened!
From the kitchen came the huge food trolley laden with lobsters, prawns, scallops dripping in lemon sauce, salt and pepper squid oozing flavour upon the air, crabs arrayed on a bed of mussels, salmon steaks and kippers swimming in a tartare sauce.
But Alleyn spotted the trouble immediately - there was only 1 fork...


  1. I'm starting to think that the plot might be playing second fiddle to the special effects here...

  2. fork!! only one fork...I wonder who is goona grab it first......Who needs Biggles when you have Fred Ladd lol

  3. I haven't been reading here for a while, my concentration is shot to pieces, it's Easter week and checkout work is hell with a capital H. I do have Monday off, like the rest of Aus, and I'm planning a reading marathon to catch up.

  4. As long as Miss Marple's there, it will all turn out well enough.

  5. LOL Frances ;)

    Special effects, Brian? You've been into the pickled eggs again?

    LOL Janine ;)

    Better pack a picnic, River :P

    Exactly, Maddy ;)