Saturday, March 20, 2010

More, please sir...?

Jones, meanwhile, was comfortably ensconced in the spacious kitchen where he'd discovered Buffy watching a reality TV cooking show.
Holding up his hands he announced,
"I come in peace. But if any of that lot in there catch you watching that in here you'll be for it," he nodded towards the screen where a girl was led sobbing from the camera after what appeared to be a minor explosion involving baked beans, asparagus and oysters.
"Now, there's something you don't see everyday," Jones mused to himself, trying not to imagine the flavour.
Buffy poured him a cup of coffee as she explained that, as Joss Whedon had created her character with few survival skills inside the home, she often watched cooking and craft shows to be inspired to prepare Sherlock's menu.
"And the craft shows?" Jones prompted.
"Oh, that was to learn how to knit to make my own lace inserts for...errr..." she trailed off into red-faced silence.
Jones choked on his coffee then, after much gasping, coughing and patting of his back from the pretty blonde, he'd sufficiently recovered his breath enough to rasp out,
"Tat. You don't knit lace, you tat to make lace," which instantly won him his own side-kick.
Just at that moment yelling could be heard on the other side of the green baize door.
Yelling which included the use of his own name from his boss who sounded anything but happy.
"You know, there's another way out of here," Buffy offered with a grin.
"After you, m'dear" Jones grabbed her hand and urged her ahead of him as they escaped into the darker recesses of 221b Baker Street ruled over by Mrs Hudson.
Watson, unnoticed in the corner by the cavernous pantry, chuckled quietly and changed the channel on the television to Dalziel and Pascoe which arrested the raucous crowd, led by Foyle and Barnaby, in mid-yell to watch their peers solve yet another brutal Yorkshire murder involving much scotch, any number of rumpled suits and many "Oh, aye, Peter"s.


  1. ...changed the channel on the television to Dalziel and Pascoe .. who only exist on pages in books in Elizabeth's bit of the world

  2. Hello. And Bye.

  3. Awww, that's not fair, Elizabeth, that you get to miss out on seeing the perfect personification of The Fat Controller!

    *waves back to Anonymous*