Sunday, March 21, 2010

Oh, the humanity....

Jones and Buffy found themselves out in Baker Street itself, bustling with noise and a multitude of people crowding in streams along the street.
As they crossed the road they dodged a stretch Hummer containing birthday boys Roger Whittaker and Andrew Lloyd Webber with Rolf Harris who were discussing the merits of the phantom of the opera tying a kangaroo down in the streets of London.
Coming up sharply behind the Hummer was a horse-drawn hansom cab which Jones signalled.
As the driver reined the horse to a stop a well-dressed gentleman alighted and doffed his hat towards Buffy, offering an introduction,
"Mr Gorby, madame," before turning to her companion and warning, "Careful who you share this cab with."
Climbing aboard Jones muttered to Buffy,
"I'd heard there was a failed attempt to bring in prohibition in Christchurch, New Zealand on this day in 1894 while the first hansom cab went into service in that city on this day in 1864, thirty years earlier. Mr Gorby was from Melbourne, if his accent is any guide. Coincidence or just the mystery of a hansom cab...?"
As they disappeared into the volume of traffic, behind them the detectives finally realised the house was empty but for themselves when Foyle suddenly burst out with,.
"Gads, I'm forgetful!" as he rummaged through his pockets for his diary. Drawing it forth he ruffled through the pages before finding the entry he sought.
"Just as I though," he leant over to Watson to show him the information within, "It's Johnny Horrocks' birthday, the old boy was pupped in Preston, Lancashire in 1818 before pulling up stumps and settling in the Clare Valley in South Australia. I really must send the old boy an sms wishing him well and promise to catch up soon."
Watson nodded in remembrance, adding,
"And not to over-look the great William Shatner's day of birth in Montreal in 1931, too,"
At that juncture a sharp rap came at the door to 221b.
After glancing around amongst themselves Margaret rose and opened the door to reveal,
"Oh! Mr Gorby! How splendid to have you on board, too!"
As Mr Gorby cleared the doorway on entering the house Dame Rutherford peered out into the street, then asked as she secured the door,
"Errr, you haven't heard from your countryman, Bud Tingwell? He goes by a great many names but I know him best as Inspector Craddock," she beamed hopefully up at Mr Gorby.


  1. Great read! Cazzie

  2. "...discussing the merits of the phantom of the opera tying a kangaroo down in the streets of London."

    They should have had Ralph McTell in there with them, then.

  3. Thanks, Cazzie ;)

    You have issues with Rolf Harris, Brian :P

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  5. loved how you combined the history into ya serial. As opposed to cereal lol. Shakes head at the feckwits you meet on Sunday, no clue at all....them not you lol

  6. Thanks, Anonymous.

    Thanks, Janine lol, yep, idiots were out in force yesterday!

  7. Anon. is rather obtuse...
    I'm enjoying these!