Sunday, March 21, 2010

Outil, 'ow you say....Tools, the lot of 'em

Have had a lovely day out in which I made two trips to the local Sunday Market.
The first trip was made with The Spouse where we pushed a 4 wheeled shopping trolley.
Now, anyone, being sensible, would think that people faced with a shopping trolley laden with plants heading for them would step out of the way or not walk into the line of collision, wouldn't you?
Seems there's a special breed of feckwits who like to play chicken with large objects.
Expect others to look out for them and walk around them *insert evil cackle here*.
The 2nd trip up to the market was pushing Dad in his heavy wheelchair while Feral Beast was pushing the abovementioned trolley.
Again, you'd think people would step out of the way of an on-coming large, heavy wheelchair...but no.
One stupid old trollop even stepped out directly in front of us as we were in motion and expressed surprise the back of her cankles thunder thighs hippos have better brains to lard arse ratio legs were clipped.
Sorry, sunshine, we don't stop instantly when dickheads are let out to play in heavy traffic.
In the supermarket it wasn't much better, although the trampled toes were on the increase so was my serene smile of,
"Pardon, monsieur? I, 'ow you say, don know about these feeeeelthy feckwits of which you speak, mais oui, I will always try to stamp your stoooopid toes into a quince paste. Merci, oui, I will exterminate all the idiot rodent people in my way,".
Au Revoir!