Saturday, March 20, 2010

Still going...

Foyle approached Basil.
"Tell me....I notice Tennison doesn't include those detective coroners who crack the case the moment they crack a cold one, why is that?"
"She feels that they cheat, that they haven't had the experience and background in police work," Sherlock lit his pipe and picked up his violin.
"Mais oui, mon ami, this is true but is it not also true that coroners witness the result of human behaviour and have the oh so perfect quiet to contemplate and let the little grey cells do their work?"
"Poirot! Are you advocating the coronial detective? Good grief, I never thought I'd see the day you of all people would support those barbaric devils," Basil spoke around his pipe clenched in his teeth before sweeping into a wild concerto on his violin.
Joan Hickson leaned across to Margaret Rutherford and, without taking her eyes off the musician, muttered,
"Conan Doyle was forever shoving pipes in Sherlock's mouth and Agatha gave Hercule under garments one size too small," which left the old girls twittering their mirth.
Jones, unseen by anyone, slipped through the door into the kitchen in search of Buffy for some decent entertainment and coffee.
Barnaby remained smiling genially throughout, announcing to the room at large,
"I have no idea why we'd need to find the culprit who invented reality television,"
Alleyn gazed at Barnaby a moment before replying,
" A few detectives have lost their shows thanks to those Wall Street jockeys with cancelled budgets and series being replaced with cheap, nasty reality television. Just when we thought we were about to see the back of the damn ugly misbegotten bastard child of John Logie Baird the GFC gave it new life."
"Could have sworn there was a voice-over from someone sounding just like you, Barnaby, on one of those horror travel shows...? Hmmm?" Foyle dropped into the conversation.
"Jones?  Rubbish, Foyle, you must be mistaken. Jones! No, really, why on earth would a successful policeman do that? Jones! Don't look at me like that. Jones! Where are you Jones?!"

Been awake most of the night thanks to the dipstick petrol heads who rioted, smashed a car parts store, blocked a highway for hours and then proceeded to roar up and down our quiet side streets for hours showing off and.or evading the police helicopter and cars.
So, you don't get your miniturised history notes for the day or my beaming, sunshiney disposition until I've had a cuppa tea and more sleep.


  1. ..and a time warp sent Barnaby and Inspector Japp back to the mid 1980's where they could be found playing with Robin Hood as Peter de Leon and Abbot Hugo.

  2. Copper chopper must've come to your place from our place here in Werribee as it was hovering here about 11pm. Hope you get some rest today Ro, Cazzie!!!

  3. Enter stage left, Biggles and Algy.

  4. Thanks, I reckon it parked itself right above our house, Cazzie lol.

    Oooooooo I do like the suggestion, Andrew!