Sunday, March 7, 2010

Storm pics

Off on a history walk in Eltham yesterday (more on that in another post) when we watched the storm clouds gathering....
Those clouds were actually boiling above that dead tree.

Although we were out in the open we were barely touched by the storm or rain, at all.
Getting on the train at Eltham to return home gave us a hint of what Melbourne had faced...
The carriage (in fact the whole train) was awash like this.
Following pics were taken from the train as we crept along the viaduct towards Flinders Street Station (no trains stopped at So Cross Station as the roof had caved in, in places, under the weight/force of the hail, several trains were stopped at Hawksburn as parts of the track were under water).

This last one shows the remaining hail from the storm 4 hours previous.


  1. Wow! that musta been some storm!!

  2. oh and did Feral Beast take the pics? I can see some gestalt principles at work....

  3. Holy dooley. Bit of water there! (I loved the irony of the Waterside Hotel shot!)

  4. wanted some of our rain. Fancy a bit of snow to go with that?

  5. Most excellent... well, the shots anyway! Will link here from my weather post today! Thanks for adding the hug gatherer to your sidebar too...

  6. Where's the Arc?

    Looks like the meteorological opposite of the fires last year.

  7. was that a walk or a swim? Wow the storm was fierce....the hail still being there four hours later puts it into perspective.

  8. Drought, fire, flood, what's next?
    Pestilence? I seriously hope not, although whooping cough is around.

  9. Awesome pics Jayne!

  10. Thanks, all :)

    Had another major heavy downpour yesterday/last night and through to this morning so, fingers crossed, the catchments areas are seeping lots of lovely cloud juice into the dams!

  11. We weren't in Melbourne last night, but it looks to have rained a lot. Great photos. Right place at right time.

  12. Jayne,

    Couldn't find you any snow. So I sent you some hailstone instead.

  13. Yep, Andrew, have camera, will travel :P

    Awww, thanks, Brian.
    Remind me to send you some 40+ degree days to help those old bones of yours :P