Monday, March 29, 2010

Today's post is brought to you by....

Or rather particular grouping of letters.... followed by many more of those stop tap inspection plate covers with old advertising of plumbers decorating footpaths at random.

PMG = Post Master General, the general who ran the telephone exchanges and telephone lines

Before this mob of the overly-large T took over.
T = Telecom now known as Telstra.

 V.R = Victorian Railways.
A long extinct beastie.

RTA = Road Traffic Authority, now known as Vic Roads.

MMBW= Melbourne Metropolitan Board of Works.
Another fossil.

GFC = Gas and Fuel Corporation (of Victoria).
Yet another dead 'un.

MD = Melbourne/Metropolitan Drainage.
Gasped its last way back when.

Ironmongery obviously paid well.

A bit strapped for cash.

Difficult to read but it says Melbourne Waterworks like this next one found in the middle of a road...

Cos the one on the left was purdy and the Feral Beast liked the pattern in the stone.
Somehow I don't think he was carrying a lamp.

Obviously they don't want the monster back under the bed...

One on the right even included his full address, must have been flush (boom boom).

This is the 2nd one to match the other in my earlier photo.

Borough of Sandridge.

Oakleigh and surrounds were once part of Brighton so this plumber could have lived closer than it first appears.

City of Prahran.

Obviously I could prattle on, like my learned colleagues, as to the value of these inspection plates as they are an intrinsic part of our social and cultural history, they provide valuable evidence of the age of a building as to it's heritage worth (hello, Jussy) they show where former civic boundaries were once larger which contributes towards research areas, how industrial heritage is a fast disappearing fact much under-valued, that family genealogy of these people are enhanced, etc, etc, etc.
But I shant.
I shall just finish with a 'more professional approach' by adding my sources.

My feet.
My legs (as they held my arse up from the footpaths so closely eyeballed).
My camera.
Feral Beast for his sharp eyesight.
Overcast humid weather for keeping halfwits out of my way.
My Dad, former plumber.


  1. They are great. PMG is of course Pigs Meat and Gravy. Did I post the photo on my blog of display one I took inside Melbourne Town Hall? It was to do with the water pumping for lifts etc around Melbourne.

  2. Wow what a cool idea, love how you took photos of letters and signs....I was fascinated by the photos.

    I liked looking at ya looped lines (that sounds so dodgy)

  3. Hi! What do I have on top of my BBQ - one huge PMG steel plate. Sacrilege!

    Take Care,

  4. I don't remember seeing the photo, Andrew, although I remember the post.

    LOL Thanks, Janine ;)

    LOL Peter, wonder how many steaks end up with PMG branded into them? :P

  5. Just have to say this is an excellent collection, Jayne. I'll be looking at my feet more often.