Thursday, March 11, 2010

Twains 'n' critters

"C'mon, Mum...flick us a bit"

German Shepherd x Kelpie.
She Who MUST Be Obeyed.
Turns 18 later this month, so may finally bare her fangs and donkey vote with the rest of the hairless pink monkeys.
Proved an old dog can be taught new tricks by learning from the younger Treacle to beg for dinner scraps at my feet.

Festival of, party, party!

Something...something...something.... Victorian Railways...mumble....mutter....(inhale)
Not the foggiest.

Sleepy fur-baby Treacle.
Blue Heeler x Dalmatian.
Will round up chooks, cats and humans if she thinks there's a stray chop in it for her.
Seems to think the umibical cord was never cut between her and I.

Turkish Angora.
Trouble maker extraordinaire.
Will taunt the canine fur-babies by wafting uber-fluffy tail directly under their noses and will have an escape route thoroughly planned once the chase is under way.

Treacle spends a lot of time ducking the paparazzi in this house.....

A twain.
On the twack.
With a lovely saw-toothed roof behind.

The Late, great Rastus.
British Shorthair x Burmese.

Who could sniff out a packet of chippies at 1 mile,
who could leap 6 feet to snare a snag off a fork in mid-air,
who was faster than greased lightning at the sound of the can opener.

Rastus' sister.

As by name, so is she by nature.
After the shutter clicked she attempted to remove the photographers face faster than Madge could unhinge her lower jaw to devour another husband.
Is addicted to short black drinking straws.


  1. That is the famous Heavy Harry engine, so famous, I forget what for. Treacle's rug looks very gay and glittery.

  2. loved the descriptions of the animals at your house, made me giggle.

    Loved the pictures of your walk in the two posts below, felt like I was on the trip with you. Lol Bitchy has an interesting addiction lol

    I love how Treacle has a pillow and blankie...

  3. Don't talk to me about moggies...I'm still half asleep this morning's pre-dawn arsing about chasing my toes session.

  4. Ahhh, thank you, Andrew!
    Tis explained HERE.
    The rug can burn retinas at 40 feet after a heavy night :P

    Thanks, Janine :)
    Yes, Treacle is really a furbaby lol.

    You know chasing the toes is the cat seeing if the prey is dead yet, Brian :P