Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Vietnam War humour books

The first is A Look at The Bright Side by Martin Cameron.
It was published in 1988 and is a collection of stories from Vietnam diggers who submitted their humourous recollections of their time in Vietnam, with accompanying cartoons.

The second is The Team in Vietman...The Lighter Side by Vic Pennington.
This one was published in 1992 and is a collection of stories from the Australian Army Training Team Vietnam, which Vic Pennington served with.
Again, it is filled with cartoons/pen sketches.

I've dipped into both books and had a quiet chuckle, Dad has been plowing his way through them and is enjoying the stories.
He was always ashamed that some in RSLs refused to acknowledge these boys as returned diggers, even going toe-to-toe with one man who claimed they 'hadn't even fought in a real war'.
Dad had to go walkabout for a few years after his return from WW2 so, to some extent, he understood that the boys coming home from the horror of Vietnam needed to find their little bit of peace in what had become an alien home land.
If these humourous stories helped bury those times for some of them, then print more of them.


  1. I guess there is always humour to be found somewhere. The RSL, traditionally a supported of the Liberals, behaved disgracefully. It was the damn Liberals who sent the lads to war.

  2. Jayne it was the same here in respects of what people thought of the Vietnam war. It was a disgrace.....

    by the way what the heck is a "real war" rolls eyes....some people will never change...

  3. Next Week: Holocaust the Musical.

  4. I love 'op shops'. I always look through the books, but seldom find anything worth bringing home. But still, I look (hope springs eternal), and sometimes there are treasures. Just the fact that you've found an armload of treasure seems a little unfair however. Someday, you'll have to take a picture of your library.

  5. Yes, Andrew, it was shameful all around.

    They targeted the wrong people, Janine, should have been the pollies not the boys.

    No, Brian, although I could point you to the movie Life Is Beautiful.

    I'll try to get a few shots of it for you, Debby lol.

  6. Getting harder and harder to find any real gems in my area. I think dealers must cruise the shops and grab them to sell on-line for a much higher price.

    great haul!

  7. My ex is a Vietnam Vet; I met him at a dance about 6 months after he came home, a few years later when we married he was still having the occasional nightmare that I didn't dare wake him from because he would come up fighting. He'd probably get a laugh out of books like this.