Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Ye Gods and Goddesses...

 Jones and Buffy had alighted from the hansom cab as the driver refused to take them beyond the fringes of London.
Climbing aboard a tram driven by a large bloke in white robes and massive snowy white wings they settled into the seat when Buffy began glancing about at the other passengers who appeared to formally attired businessmen from a bygone age.
Nudging Jones she motioned with her head and Jones' frown grew with each poker face he met until he saw Professor Bickerton opposite him with the back of a newspaper announcing 'Agnes MacPhail dropped off by the stork today in 1890'.
"Ahh, that explains it," he smiled to himself with his frown vanishing. He leant across to his companion to say,
"Prof Bickerton was turfed out of Canterbury College on this date in 1902 and the Australian Federal pollies sat in Melbourne for the last time in 1927 before packing up to move to Canberra.They've apparently been sitting here ever since."
As a shadow fell across them they reached for their wallets to pay their fare when the conductor, a woman in flowing robes, a brass helmet sporting horsehair carrying both a trident and a conductors bag shook her head and pointed to the signs on the walls which read 'Archangel Gabriel and Britannia wish to celebrate their joint Feast Day with all commuters in a fare free day'.
"You can certainly tell saints don't often run the public transport services," Buffy mused, before inquiring, "Do we know where we're going or is this an aimless journey until an idea occurs to our writer?"
"Yep, pretty much aimless wandering on the agenda for the next few episodes for the pair of us, I'm afraid," he replied, shrugging.
"So, about now she'll cut back to the others who she left standing around in Baker Street and we can....go sight-seeing, maybe?" Buffy suggested.
"Don't mind if I do," Jones agreed with a nod and a smile.
Back in Baker Street where our intrepid detectives had been left standing around we find Joan Hickson murmering something important to Margaret.
"My dear, Alastair Sim was an absolute delight to watch in work, to see you and him, with dear Joycie Grenfell, in The Happiest Days of Your Life was just wonderful."
"Oh, thank you, Joan, we had such a grand time making that film, and, of course you know, dear young George Cole made an appearance in it, too, almost the full front ruck row of St Trinian's there before me." Margaret sighed happily at the memory.
At that moment a spacious horse-drawn coach drew up beside them and Barnaby began assisting the ladies up the steps into the seats before the male detectives perched themselves about the coach where they could find room.
Then they headed for Dirty Dick Whittington's All You Can Eat Seafood Buffet (Villains Half Price On Tuesdays).


  1. Well your article helped me altogether much in my college assignment. Hats off to you send, wish look forward in the direction of more related articles promptly as its one of my pick issue to read.

  2. Ahhhh good old Dirty Dick Whittington's for all you can eat... Villians half price (classic) that really made me laugh out loud.

  3. George Cole turned up in Midsommer Murdes a few weeks ago. He doesn't 'alf look ancient these days...probably because he is.

  4. Err, thanks, Anonymous.

    LOL, cool, Janine ;)

    That the ep where his character's father had been shot as a deserter? Yes, thought he'd aged markedly in the face, very drawn.