Sunday, April 25, 2010

ANZAC Day 2010

Click to enlarge any picture for better viewing/more details.

Only in Melbourne would you get...
Scottish pipe bands mixing it with....

Turkish veterans parading entwined Turkish and Aussie flags while others proudly showed....

Mustafa Kemal Ataturk...

 and former Soviet Union veterans.

Army, RAAF, brass bands and Uncle Tom Cobbley and all...

United flags...
...United peoples.

Click to enlarge and read the banners.

Lest We Forget.


  1. Nice old cars. I saw some today in a very different place.

  2. Only in Melbourne? Whaddayamean only in Melbourne? Doesn't this Anzac camaraderie happen in all Australian cities on Anzac day?

    For me Anzac day means fresh homemade Anzac biscuits, made by my Kath. Yum.
    And the freedom that we Australians enjoy thanks to the soldiers who fought for it. Thank You.

  3. Most impressive display of pride and rememberance.

    note in passing: interesting building with the Forum sign running down it's right side.

  4. I shall hazard a guess as to the foreshore, Andrew?

    Oddly no Anzac bikkies on offer with cups of tea/coffee at the end of the march, River, you'll need to have words to them ;)

    I have pics of The Forum, Elizabeth ;)

  5. Jayne, I went to Dawn Service with my parents this year, we drive up there on Saturday ( a six hour drive).On the news last night they mentioned that quite a few major centres sang your national anthem before ours.

    They are trying to get people to remember it was a joint effort, it was a nice touch and the first apparantly.

    I enjoyed looking at your photos.

  6. Appears you've snapped a picture of the truck involved in that awful accident later in the morning.

  7. A wonderful series of photos, Jayne.
    I particularly love the old Turkish gent with his flag, and the little dog with the medals. Beautiful.

  8. The flag with Attaturk on it is an insult to the whole thing.