Friday, April 16, 2010

Benalla re-try part TWO

Sorry for the interruption, had a death in the family and a funeral to attend.
Thankfully Fr Bob Maguire officiated and saw my beloved cuz off good and proper.

Beautifully bucolic, no?
Print as you will.
They were a few lucky snappity-snaps that turned out half decent.
On way to Benalla, somewhere along the highway.

A river...somewhere.

The green, green grass of home...but no Tom Jones waiting for our arrival.

Insert own caption.
I said caption, not enema.

Getting ever closer to Benalla...did they feel the ominous chill as I rode towards town...?

Benalla Bridge which spans "Broken River"
which is, apparently, a lake.
Go figure.

Mz Nikki riding the big gun.
Double entendre to your heart's content, she'd love you for it.

Aunty Nikki in what my delightful son dubbed "her body bag".

Shockingly dreadful weather and surrounds to cope with...

Broken River.
That is a lake.

More lake-age.
With foliage.

Proof I wasn't having a dream sequence under the shower a la Pam Ewing.

And here we shall adjourn for another day as the offspring failed to close his laptop lid which resulted in the feline using it as a litter tray and, after much rescue work by the technician (who pulled the cat's bum face when dealing with it all) darling child will now use my desktop clunker whilst I reload his programmes.
When cats pee on the laptop even in space they can hear you scream.....


  1. That River is the Goulburn as you bypass Seymour near the Shepparton turn off.

    I have travelled that road too many times and actually know pretty much each photo spot you have shown.. Sad isn't it?

  2. My condolences Jayne.

    Ah, like Dam Buster, I know this journey very well, and I never get sick of it. Lol on the Broken River - actually it continues above and below the lake, but breaks up into a chain of waterholes most of the time, therefore the name. I can see the Art Gallery. Did you pop in? They have a nice bit of decking you can sit on to sip your latte. Great photos, I felt like a trip to the country today.

  3. Sorry to hear your news.

    Ewww at the cat though. I must admit I did laugh out loud at that bit of news and then looked at our cat in a new way

    Lol at the body bag comment and Nikki riding the tank. Whose idea was that lol

  4. LOL
    Not sad, DB, at least someone knows which direction to head in lol.

    Thanks, LiD.
    Ahhh, that clears up that mystery!
    Didn't pop in this time but we're planning another trip.

    Apparently it's more common than I thought, Janine >..<
    Bettina came up with the tank ;)

    lol River :P

  5. One of my cats took a flying leap off my laptop a couple of days ago, sending it hurtling into the corner with a loud crack. Fortunately it survived, only to have the same trick played on it by my other cat a day later.

    I'm now keeping it in a safe place away from adventurous paws.

  6. Some great photos there Jayne and everything looks so green. You may have ridden the laptop of the mess, but the odour will linger longer.

  7. gorgeous photos!
    Sorry to hear of your loss, glad it was Fr Bob that did the send off, I've heard he's rather good.
    As for the cat, eeeeeek! How bloody awful, ugh. Glad things could be fixed up.

  8. Huggs ans smoochies to you and yours at the loss of your couz. Great Fr Bob officiated, I know he is wonderful...he saved the life of a friend of mine..and still to this day is wonderful to her.

    Great images :)

  9. A good and proper send off is important. Glad Bob was handy.

    Cats are evil.

    Photos are visual.

    and I'm all caught up on your latest posts.

  10. Lucky nothing broke, Brian!

    Thanks, Andrew, twas very verdant up there :)
    Techie replaced what he couldn't rid the smell from lol.

    Thanks, Fen, Fr Bob was an old friend of my cousin so he had us chortling through our tears :)

    He's a bloody marvel, hey, Cazzie? Worth his weight in gold ;)

    Thanks, Elizabeth.
    This particular cat is always planning some mischief, payback for us chopping his nuts off, I suppose lol ;)