Saturday, April 17, 2010

Bountiful Benalla in yet more snap-happy shots

Ceramic community sculpture opposite botanic gardens in Benalla.
Still in progress and very pretty.

Oh, look!
That's where Nikki has disappeared to!

Other side of lake/river/pond/body of water...

It's the important things that make up a town.
Like pubs.

These last 3 are within walking distance of Benalla railway station.
They take their pubs seriously in Benalla.


More chimneys!

Even more chimneys!

This chimney came complete with a whole cottage.

And here we will leave it for another day as the uploading-thingie is having conniptions at so many piccys.


  1. That looks like the cottage my nan used to live in in Benalla!
    Might have to call in to Benalla on our way up to NSW the week ending. We are going to West Wyalong and Goulburn, where my nan hailed from, in the hope to find out more about her life, and our Aboriginal Heritage too.

  2. Cazzie, I fell in love with that cottage.
    I'll arm wrestle you for it lol.
    Let me know when you'll be up there!

  3. Chimneys.
    You had me at chimneys.

    I do love chimneys.

    I wonder if there is a word for that.

  4. Oh, thank flock!
    Someone else with a chimney fetish!

  5. Oh so you did find some chimneys you fancied after all... lmao!

  6. Absolutely, B, with just a little hunting lol ;)

  7. LOL, I love that cottage too, and I'm sure I've taken a photo of it, which must be somewhere in the mess of my photo archive. There is a vacant block beside it, with a lone japonica. I suppose that cottage burnt down, otherwise there may have been two identical cottages to fight over. Great photos Jayne!