Thursday, April 29, 2010

Buildings, Anzac march and banners, oh my!

Could hear the train whistle and was mesmerised with the idea of seeing a choo choo on Anzac Day thereby forgetting I had a camera in my bag until almost the last minute.
Well, that's my excuse *snort*.
Hmmm, coal.

Actually, this shot is of the back end of the train, it had the 2nd engine in back for the shuttle trips back and forth from Pakenham to Berwick.
Further updates and events for Steamrail Victoria can be caught on their Facebook page HERE.
*The next one is the celebration of the 100th anniversary of the opening of the Moe-Walhalla line, looks good!

And now for the buildings I happened to snap for the enjoyment of all....
Flinders Street opposite Flinders Street Station.

Flinders Street building (Andrew will probably know it's official name)

The Forum Cinema, just for Debby.

Flinders Street Station in all her 100 year old glory.

St Paul's Cathedral and buildings stretching into the distance.

More bricks and mortar.

And now I'm off like a bucket of prawns in the sun, back soonish !


  1. Not sure about now, but at one time I think it was Flinders Fair. FF was a small shopping centre but it was so off the beaten track with only Princes Bridge Station across from it, it failed quite quickly.

    There's a lot of coal in the train bunker. A day's running worth I suppose. Maybe same amount for the other engine. Hungry beasts.

  2. Very hungry beasts but doesn't it look just right at Oakleigh station like that?

  3. That link to the fictionised (!) Lawson sounds like fun, Jayne. I managed to find Roderick's 'definitive' biography of Lawson in Berkelouw's here in Paddo. Will finish that before blasting off with the fictional account. But will purchase same this evening.
    Many thanks.

  4. What a beautiful steam train, Jayne. Far more romantic than the new fellows but not sustainable, I know. Could we run one on solar power or hydrogen, and still reproduce the experience? I have been wistful, thinking about these trains lately.

  5. LiD, it is not as straight forward as it may seem if you compare coal to electricity powered trains. It depends how far the coal has to be carted. If it is dug up and processed nearby, then the equation is almost equal in terms of pollution. Even with solar, you have to think about the environmental impact of the production of the collectors etc. But I don't think that is an equal equation. Fill our deserts with solar collectors.

  6. wow at a real proper steam train with coal, now thats a real treat. I knwo a certain 3 year old boy would love a ride on that.

    Good point you made in response to that comment in the post below Jayne.

  7. No worries, Julie, it's been his lifelong passion and is a good read ;)

    Could happily ride on them forever and a day, LiD ;)

    What Andrew said - we have so much sunlight in our deserts and are way behind in solar farming *sigh*.

    Thanks, Janine.
    It's a great train :)