Sunday, April 4, 2010

Chocolate Zombie Jebus Day with kulcha an' old stuffs chucked in

Have finally found the limit to chocolate.
It was half of one egg.....a large one egg....that followed a smallish bag of Turkish Delight eggs....which followed a Choc Ripple bikkie....
I'll be groaning about the gut ache, bloating, crows feet, hot flushes and the state of our yoof over in the corner.
Oh, I know choccie didn't cause all of it...but I'll still be complaining.

Dame Nellie Melba paused in passing Winston Churchill in the corridor of the first class compartment of The Flying Scotsman to pronounce sagely in his shell-like ear,
"Today in 1971 Canuck Frances Phipps was the first chickybabe to reach the North Pole (not counting Mrs Claus, of course), the Wingen to Murrurundi railway line was opened in NSW in 1872, Kiwi racehorse Phar Lap galloped his last furlong in California in 1932 and now in 1955 you've resigned."
La Boheme gave Winston the once over and continued on her way.


  1. Turkish Delight - my favourite!

  2. Turkish delight eggs? Would have liked some of those.

    There is something special about an Easter tummy ache. I think they put something in the goodies to induce it so you feel you've had the full experience.

  3. Scott, twas my first Easter trying them and they're a definite winner ;)

    They are very more-ish, Elizabeth, hence the tummy ache lol.

  4. The Little Monster thinks Turkish Delight eggies are the ducks guts. Everyone else at home thinks he's quite mad.

    (look mummy, there's JAM in ma egg)

  5. LOL Jodi!
    He's got it one else will mess with his googie eggs at Easter ;)

  6. Choc ripple biscuits? Have you seen the recipe on the packet. Make it, but dip each bikkie in chocolate liqueur when assembling the log. Add a drop or three of the liqueur to the cream when whipping it. Yum.