Saturday, April 24, 2010


Dunno that I'm all impressed with the French Govt's efforts to 'liberate' Muslim chicky babes from themselves by banning the Burqa.
Not much better than the Taliban who demand that the sheila's wear it.
Personally, I couldn't give a toss if a person had a hankering to don a paper bag to do the shopping or wanted to streak nekkid through town.
So long as it doesn't end in tears fashion is in the eye of the beholder.
Now, I shall go steam press my wimple, get my fishnets untangled and chisel the mud off my Blunnies for my next outing....


  1. I wrote a rant comment and then deleted it. I will just say I don't like face covering.

  2. Streaking nekkid is something I would be all for, hahaha

  3. There's probably some deep biological abhorance within our species toward facial covering. Homo sapiens evolved of course with increasingly flexible facial muscles so that others can read expressions as part of our social interaction. Something that takes that away seems alien, very "other", even threatening.

    So, I can understand the reactions of my fellow Westerners to the burqa in that regard. But while yes, burqa wearers appear and will continue to appear as odd to me, I neither dislike their custom nor would I sign a petition banning it.

  4. blunnies? some kind of shoe or boot?

  5. That's cool, Andrew, to each his own.

    LOL Cazzie!

    Aye, Lisa.

    Short for Blundstone Boots, Janine ;)

  6. Wimple, fishnets and Blundstones, (spelling?), now there's a photo I'd like to see.

  7. On the other hand, in Australia's fierce sunshine, covering the face could be a good thing.

  8. LOL River, a paper bag works wonders for me ;)

  9. Well, you know I agree with you. Am sorry to have missed Andrew's rant though. :D