Thursday, April 1, 2010

Don't ask me, I think I'm possessed

Fred and Ginger swept off the dance floor only to be replaced by Graham Kennedy hosting a game show.
"Now, give us your best answers to this question," Graham paused for effect with a saucy wink to the diners and Peter the Phantom Puller before continuing,
"Ahhh, Andrew must have written this one. Did the first Police-Citizens Boys' Club open in Woolloomooloo in 1937,  did New Zealand legislate for same-sex civil unions, was this the first April Fools' Day celebrated in Canada in 1865 ,was an April Fool's hoax from 1698 successfully recycled in 1856 in London or all of the above?"
Margaret and Joan tossed off the cheap house red then launched themselves towards the noise of the first clue with the men trailling behind them as they pushed their way past ineffectual security to the backstage area to find Mae West wrestling with Chips Rafferty, Peter Graves and Leonard Teale.
Gene Roddenberry was waving a script about, trying to calm them all with little success.
Peter Ustinov wobbled a little as he grappled with the warring parties and Basil gave him a hand. Finally calming all, Joan  pointed to the script in Roddenberry's hand and explained,
"The tiredness of the writer and the script for this television series will push most of these actors into becoming police character actors on Homicide, Matlock Police , Division 4 (and probably this writer into drink), merely whetting the viewing appetite for more and more gritty realism until the networks have people entranced by watching 2 flies crawling up a wall and trying to vote one off via sms."
*cue dramatic music with a tinkle of a triangle with a solo riff of a Salvo's tambourine*


  1. Washing the lions at the Tower of London? My god, those Victorians were hilarious b****rds, eh?

  2. Having a wash themselves was a hilarious act in itself :P

  3. I think the lion washing is a great one and you know, I reckon people would fall for it even now. Btw Jayne, been caught yet today???

  4. Nope, haven't heard many to be honest, Andrew, although I got a good giggle from Shocking New Zealand Invasion plans uncovered.

  5. Better check out the Shrine website for information about installation of water recycling tanks then. I like the NZ one, but I have heard something about this before. Might it have already been done before? I think I believed it.