Sunday, April 18, 2010

Final Benalla piccys...with SFX

Benalla Stink pipe.

Clifton Hill Stink pipe.
The lengths I go to bring you quality crap like this...

Benalla Railway subway.
Double dare ya to run through there after dark.
And after a few whiskys.

Looking down the track towards Melbourne (some 200+ kms in the distance)
Looking up the track towards Albury where the train was delayed

Another one.

Enjoy this building.
Now click HERE and HERE to see what magnificence it achieved once upon a time.
The tower and refreshment room were demolished, despite being heritage listed, in 1974.
And without Jussy's help, too.

Benalla stink pipe #2.
With support act.

Pics on the go.
Train driver ignored,
"Ohhhh, pleeeeease slow down a little teensy, weency bit so I can get a couple of bajillion snaps of the countryside..."

Proof I have no flipping idea of what I'm doing with a camera.
Some days they shouldn't let me feed myself, either.
The sparkly bits are actually the lights of the outer Melbourne suburbs, something to do with the length of time the lens was open X the speed of the train vs how yummy the hot meal on the XPT Countrylink was.

We've reached the end of the Benalla pics!
May I just say you were a superb lot to travel with, please remember to check all belongings have been collected and grab a broomstick for any flights out of town.


  1. Enjoyed your Benalla pictures. Just one question. I almost hesitate to ask: what is a stink pipe? Is it a vent pipe. To what? I'm confused.

  2. I know nothing about stink pipes either. Then, I don't know much about MY camera either. You never can tell what I might come up with. The only thing I'm sure of when I point it is that anything can happen. LOL

  3. Thanks, Debby. Yep, tis a vent pipe for the sewer lol ;)

    Thanks, Cazzie.

    Hi Mikael, love your photos!

  4. The last photo should be entered in a competition and titled woollen thread over the eye.

  5. Enlarge it, Andrew, and it gets almost psychodelic lol.

  6. After this I'm heading to Benalla sometime. Might give the stink pipe a miss though. Ditto the photo comp. idea.

  7. You've reminded me that my very first job was in a railway refreshment room. I didn't know the ropes and the other girls were much older and were already a "clique". I lasted 3 shifts, then got fired.

  8. LOL Cheryl, there's some beaut places to see up there :)

    Never mind, River, you were like a train passing in the night ;)

  9. ewwww at the subway in the daytime let alone at nighttime. Wow enjoyed looking at your shots of your trip away.

    LOL at the shot of Nikki again. Too funny.

  10. It's a tad dangerous looking, Janine ;)