Thursday, April 15, 2010

Going up the country where the water tastes like wine...

Benalla, to be precise.

Fast...high...not looking...snapity-snap-snap of pics.
Heights and I are no longer on speaking terms.


Even at this angle they still aren't attractive.

Shot tower.


T'would be ok if not for the reflections.

New life post-Black Saturday fires.

Oh, look, poo has hit the fan in multitudes, we'll return with more photos at a later date....


  1. Totally off topic or not with our Brian sitting down there. Did you catch the American Time Team on ABC1?
    Never thought I'd miss Phil's shorts but we might get to see some of those Indian mounds that John used to mention.

  2. wow the water tastes like wine? Best I get myself to Benalla, because I drink 3 litres of water a day. Hmmmm 3 litres of wine a day lol would be one heck of a hangover.

  3. Don't like heights Jayne? But you can see soooo far.....just don't look straight down.

  4. Very lovely, I heart Benalla, my nan used to live there..Cazzie

  5. Witchy,

    I remember seeing a proper Time Team episode in America once. They were digging up wherever it was that the Pilgrim Fathers landed. The archaeologists in charge found a small fragment of tile and they were all ecstatic about it.

    After it had finished I turned over for the Antique's Road Show on BBC1 and some old biddy from a council estate had brought in exactly the same type of tile, only hers was complete. The experts said it was worth about twenty quid.

    It's an odd world at times.

  6. Indeed, Brian.

    Yes, I did catch the 2nd half of it, Witchy, enjoyed it greatly.

    LOL Janine!

    I'm ignoring that, River lol.

    Beautiful town, Cazzie, I think we fell in love with it, too :)

    I swear I saw some old biddy with a complete Lord Hughes on Antiques Roadshow; she'd picked him up half price in the local charity shop jumble sale and was offered a fiver for his decorous mug :P

  7. I saw that episode. Apparently there's antiques and then there's just old and decrepid, hence the fiver.

  8. ooo pretty.

    What did height ever do to you?