Friday, April 23, 2010

Important message - Field of Women

 Copied and passed on from Frogpondsrock.

I have been asked to help spread the word about the Breast Cancer Network Australia’s field of women LIVE event 2010,which is going to be held in Melbourne.

 It’s taking place on Friday, 7 May 2010 and will see 14,000 women and men standing together in pink ponchos to form the Pink Lady silhouette on the MCG, reflecting the number of women expected to be diagnosed with breast cancer in 2010. The event aims to raise awareness and much needed funds to support women diagnosed with breast cancer (BCNA is a unique not for profit organisation, its sole focus is on providing complete support for women who are diagnosed with breast cancer and their families).

My Mum lost her battle to breast cancer in 1998 and I've had several benign lumps removed myself.
It's a non-discriminatory disease ; doesn't care what age, colour, race, religion you are.
Doesn't care if you're rich or poor, working or on welfare.
Doesn't care if you hold university degrees or barely passed high school.
And it doesn't just dig it's nasty claws into the victim - it forever leaves a shadow on the family of it's victims.

You can follow them on Twitter @BCNApinklady
You can join the Breast Cancer Network Australia Facebook fan page.
You can register to attend the event at
You can provide a link to the event on your blog and encourage your readers to promote this link on their websites and blogs as well.
You are more than welcome to copy this and post it onto your blog as well.


  1. I love that idea! Last year I could not attend a fun run for the cause but I did buy a top from the society and I wear it to work often and it creates great conversation with all people.
    Yeah, it was The Mother's Day Classic Walk/Run for Breast Cancer Research. I love the top! I just got it off the washing line so I could type in what is written on it

  2. what a great idea, and a worthy worthy worthy cause. The image looks stunning from this angle.

  3. Would that I could just hop a plane and be there.

    I did not realize that you have your own history. I think that's probably the most shocking thing to me though. I didn't expect it because I don't have a family history. Wish that I could be there with you!

  4. Great you are sharing this message Jayne. I had a left breast mastectomy in 2000 and so am living proof you can survive and have taken part in a couple of these fields in a regional area. I'm still gobsmacked by the number of women who don't get checked thoug I push ultrasounds as a mammogram didn't pick mine up. Great to be a cancer thriver! Cheers and thanks, Cheryl

  5. I'll just be donating some cash locally.