Monday, April 5, 2010

Mordy to Mentone Zombie Jebus Day stroll with piping of the old pop parade at Parkdale

Took dad in his new wheelchair off to the wilds of Mordialloc with Feral Beast where we ran amok and had fun in the sun.

Anotheree! Only plumbing pain is the hip pocket :P

Near Mordy Creek is an old horse trough as donated by Annis and George Bills.

 War memorial, right close beside busy road, hence the arty-farty angle.

Dad and Feral Beast audition for parts in a remake of The Birds.

 Mordialloc pier, a landmark for all who wasted their mis-spent yoof jumping off the end of it on hot summer days, some with their sisters towel wrapped about their heads turban-style to the accompaniment of much girly squealing.

What a hardship to cope with views like that...

Horse racing monument around about at Edithvale (I think, no markers to indicate which beach we'd reached).


Parkdale beach.
If you happened to be wandering past yesterday you were probably assaulted by the sounds found yourself serenaded by my father and son rendering "Oh I do like to be beside the seaside" into some awful noise thing or other.

See? Even the boaties couldn't get away from the caterwauling fast enough!

Only track we could follow, not very wheelchair friendly and I swear dad had more spinal manipulation from that than what any chiropractor could offer!

This last is a postcard find at the local Sunday market showing Chadstone as it once was before it began eating up the suburb and devouring historic convent and grounds for car parking space.
Yes, I'm ancient enough to remember it like this; this row of shops is facing Chadstone Road, where Maccas is on the corner of Dandy Rd.


  1. The Feral Beast and your father would not make the cut for 'The Birds'. They do not look nearly terrified enough. They need to practice on their screaming.

    Happy (belated) Easter. Hope you ate a chocolate bunny for me. I'm on a stinking diet.

  2. A local council that plants annuals? How odd.

    I did not squeal like a girl at Mordy Beach, well until I was caught and tickled.

    What a ripper post card, but I disagree a bit about the location. To the right was the carpark, which I think is still the carpark. If you head past the Union Jack from where the photo was taken, you would get to Chadstone Road. I think the auditorium was built about where the grass is which was where I first experienced air conditioning. My grandmother complained she was cold. Patty Perkins cast as Robin Hood in a panto I think.

  3. Not a wheelchair friendly track at all! But glad you had fun in the sun. Love your pics and the captions!

  4. Threw many a choccie down my throat to toast yourself and mutual blogging friends, Debby LOL.

    Ahhh, ok, Andrew, turned slightly more away from Chaddy Rd, I was trying to judge by the position of the Myers store.

    Thanks, Casdok :)