Thursday, April 22, 2010

Piccys from last Sunday's stroll all over the countryside sans The Leyland Brothers

Baker, Plumber, Oakleigh certainly was a popular boy.



Any ideas?
Both found at diagonally opposite ends of a car park in the heart of Oakleigh shopping precinct.

A remnant of former Victorian Railways, before that beast became extinct.
Along with owner onus commonsense.

Little sub-power station near railway car park, perched on its own, all lonesome and peeling paint.
Love the wooden finials on the ends of the gable roof.

No idea what they patented - the metal plate?
Did they just come along, see a metal plate stuck in the footpath and think "I'll patent that, I will" ?
Or is there some long lost invention hidden beneath the metal plate they patented?
Are Melbourne's streets riddled with long lost patented ideas?
Do we walk over little whims of fancy without realising it?
Or are they boring old garden variety patents on a washer, nuts and bolts or a Bunyip?
Answers in 25 words or less to The Stark Raving Mad Chick.
Judges decision will be final and no correspondence will be entered into unless there's a bribe of dark chocolate on offer.

We've met the Melbourne Waterworks road plates before but this is a larger jobby, perhaps sheltering a major intersection between pipes when hot and cold running water was as much a novelty as hot and cold running maids.


Urban rural?
Downtown suburban Murrumbeena.


  1. Jayne,

    the first one is a valve cover. It is designed so that the cover flap can be opened and a handle attached to the valve stem below to shut off water supply.

    The round ones are covers over groundwater monitoring wells. They are designed so that they can be unscrewed and a water sample taken from the well (vertical bit of pipe drilled into the groundwater).

    The Melbourne Water works cover could be the location for a scour valve. Bit hard to tell.

  2. Yep, valve cover is over a stop tap ;)

    The round ones - ahhh, thank you!
    It clearly says 'well' but wasn't sure how it worked.
    Why would they have 2 in a small car park ?
    Would it have something to do with the fact the area is riddled with natural springs ?

  3. Unmade road in Murrumbeena! Won't do at all. It needs asphalt and concrete and drainage and paths.

  4. Ah - that road in Murrumbeena I recognised instantly! Strange, thinking now how for away it is.

  5. Walking around the Semaphore and Largs Bay suburbs one day I spotted a plaque inside a fence so I leaned over to see what it was about. I don't remember the exact wording, but it said, In this spot on (long ago date) absolutely nothing happened. I thought it was great. Commemorating a non-event.

  6. LOL Andrew :P

    And there's still no train rolling through the park beside it, Scott ;)

    I think I blogged about something similar way back when, River lol.

    Ta, Cazzie :)

  7. wow the roof of that substation is so cute. Even if the paint is peeling.

  8. I love Street ManHole Covers. I have a collection of a few hundred from my local area. When I was in Melbourne in January, I managed a few from both St Kilda and Williamstown.

    Geeky ... yep.

  9. It is cute, hey, Janine? :)
    Like a sweet little cubby ;)

    Ahh, geeky, maybe, Julie, but an overlooked yet important part of our social/industrial history ;)

  10. My DB hydrographer agreed with Dam Buster, and then started giving me a seminar about why they'd want to measure groundwater.. I didn't manage to transcribe it, but if you're interested I can LOL! (Was a bit brain dead last night by the time I was showing him!)

  11. LOL
    Thanks, Tracee, was just curious about having 2 within 40 metres of each other ;)
    Judging by the activity of the natural springs at the railway station it looks like the ground water's been increasing of late ;)