Sunday, April 4, 2010

Scary groupie fan on loose in Chaddy

Excitingly we braved Chaddy today - madness, I know but I needed a GPS (that was my excuse anyway) - when who did The Spouse spy?
None other than Patti Newton and her daughter Lauren.
Can I just state at this point that these two woman most certainly have Dorian Grey-type paintings in their attics as they were just stunning in the flesh.
Anyway I popped around the counter, tapped Patti on the shoulder and said,
"I loved you on Spicks and Specks."
Cos I did.
She totally rocked that show.
Adam Hills should have her back on ASAP.
Anyway, Patti was gracious and thanked me.
And then I ran away.
Cos I'm a freaky chick like that.

Speaking of freaky chicks...well, no, actually the following are more strong-willed chickybabes....Barbara Thompson was rescued by local Indigenous People when the ship America was wrecked on Possession Island in 1845, playing houseguest for 5 years...1990 and Canadian Allannah Myles hit the top of the hit parade with Black Velvet...2001 saw the swearing in of Dame Silvia Cartwright as Gov-Gen of NZ...Good Queen Bess, in 1581, parked her prow on The Golden Hind to dine with Sir Francis Drake.


  1. I tried putting a painting of myself up in the attic, but it didnt work. The picture looks the same and Im getting older LOL! X

  2. PMSL
    I think we both must be looking in the wrong mirrors ;)

  3. I have always thought Patty a living legend ... and well to be married all these years to Bert ...she must be a bl00dy one.
    I am in awe of you for going to speak to her...I'd just gawk in the distance.
    Happy Easter Jayne ...

  4. Thanks, Trish, hope your Easter is lovely, too :)
    My courage disappeared when she smiled at me lol.

  5. I didnt get any dark chocolate ginger morsels, but I did get plenty of eggs, pity you are so far away as I could do with some help eating them all! LOL! Happy Easter! X

  6. Thanks, VK, hope yours was as enjoyable as ours here in Oz xx ;)