Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Second half of the Dights Falls trek...yes, we did make it back

Oh, look!
A bridge...

Gotta love industrial architecture.
Or not.
Victoria Street Bridge.

Click to enlarge pics to read what ugly plans are afoot.

Cos I can't imagine a marina improving on Mother Nature.

As Bjork sang,
'Shhhh, Shhhh
It's, oh, so quiet shh,shh
It's, oh, so still shh,shh
You're all alone shh, shh
And so peaceful until...'

Some remains of what appears to be an old flying fox or self-propelled punt across the river.
You know the type of thing I'm babbling about.
*Edit -Dam Buster explained "the flying fox thing is (was) used by MMBW staff to measure the veolicty of the water flowing at various points across the river so that they could calibrate the depth of River (measured on the depth guages you see) against the flow rate."

Walmer Street Footbridge.
The one we should have taken before Feral Beast insisted on going bush bashing...

...down this oh-so-frequented path.
Screams 'Psycho' and other Hitchcock films to me, too.

Although the view was worth it.

Almost like we were alllllll alone....
*Getting creepy now*

What was that plopping noise in the water...?
Whaddya mean 'it's only a Bunyip" ?!

Came across a picnic area full of people (who weren't brain-eating zombies) and found our way blocked by this factory.
Gets a tad damp in these parts I take it?

Back tot he creepy bush bashing rarely used path.
If it was a road our day could have been titled "Wrong Turn".

Would the Skipping Girl save us from the deadly Bunyips...?

Right about now I told myself to 'suck it up, princess' and got on with the job of hobbling further away from home, into the sinking sun towards certain embarrassment as the GPS battery died in the arse and left me following my nose.
*Wasn't going to follow Feral Beast's after the creepy path detour*

A sign.
Oh, yay.

Dights Falls.
No, just another storm water drain.

More Yarra.


No, still the brown wet stuff over there...

Click to enlarge.
Abbotsford Convent.

Mr Gee-Gee I can borrow your feetz, pleaze?

Distant rellies.

Black-faced sheepies.
I was in my happy place.

I'll just take this section for mineself, k?

Abbotsford Convent on our left while on our right...

...Collingwood Children's Farm kept pace.

Looks like we found the brown wet thing again.
Almost with rapids.

Surfing duck.

Remains of Board of Works pumping station and bluestone mill race near Dights Falls.

Dights Falls.
I give you Dights Falls.


Old mill race, remnants of old flour mill with former pumping station .

Goodness, overwhelmed with choices!

Under the freeway.

A feel a hankering for laneways beginning to take over...

Look what Feral Beast spied....

For those not keen to trace our 11 kms worth of footsteps but want to have a walk around the Collingwood area there are some great easy self-guided walking tours outlined HERE.


  1. Love the rock formations, love your ability to walk forever and taking such interesting photos for me. It is all about me isn't it???

    Could I have a bunyip please to eat the neighbours yappy/howling/baying nasty dog?

  2. Of course it's all about you, Elizabeth lol.
    I'll just snaffle a Bunyip and pop him into an express parcel postpack for you ;)

  3. I don't want a bunyip, but I would like to know if you're taking a bit of a break. My feet are tired.

  4. I learnt and laughed at your commentary..what a great trek! Even if you borrowed a horses' hooves, lol. (awesome pics Jayne!)

  5. Great post Jayne,

    the flying fox thing is (was) used by MMBW staff to measure the veolicty of the water flowing at various points across the river so that they could calibrate the depth of River (measured on the depth guages you see) against the flow rate.

  6. LOL Debby, for a couple of days at least although I think the kid has other plans....

    Thanks, Cazzie lol. Will be more in the near future ;)

    Thanks, DB :)
    Ahh, thank you, DB, that bit of info is much appreciated!

  7. I remember the bridge from when we took Little Jo to the children's farm. We walked along there for a while. Great photos and I must see Dights Falls. I think I'll get the tram though.

  8. A Great tour yet again. Love the creepy track. Interesting about the old flour mill remnants. I'm sure I've walked past them and wondered. If you keep this up Jayne you will be visiting me up the Merri. I'll bring the caramel slices.

  9. Great walk J. (Though I'm going to start hassling you to make your thumbnails bigger!!!!)
    The stuff that DamBuster has filled you in on is exactly the sort of work my hubby does. Hydrography, it's called. More specifically, for river gauging. He's away at the moment, but I'll ask him some more about this sort of contraption if you like.

  10. Thanks, Andrew.
    What is 'trams' thing? :P

    LOL Lid, FB wants to go up the Merri.
    We'll bring the cuppa tea ;)

    Thanks, Tracey, I'd appreciate that! :)
    If you click on any of the pics they'll come up larger in a new window ;)

  11. well I felt like I went on the walk with ya. You took some great shots. I enjoyed DB's info on the flying fox.

  12. (Yep, I'm just lazy with clicking them all!!! LOL - I want big thumbnails, then to be able to click through to full size!! - Says she who hasn't been offering full size pics on her own blog!)

    Anyway I consulted my resident (returning) Hydrographer for you for more details about your 'flying fox' contraption. He called it a 'gauging cableway'. He did point out that it was, of course, broken - when it was operational the wire would have been spanning the river. They would have suspended a current meter (a propellor type thingy) from the wire and then systematically raised and lowered it to different depths across the river. They would have had other equipment with them to do this, obviously. The purpose of this is calculate the flow (or 'discharge') of the river during times of high flows. It's not really to calibrate the depth, although the gaugings are used to create a 'relationship' between depth and discharge for the purposes of water resources management. (TMI?)

    I asked why it would be no longer used, he suggested that whoever was once funding the collection of that data no longer required more data.
    Quite a lot of these sort of things now are pulled down as they were thought to be an OH&S risk to the community.

  13. "Feral Beast insisted on going bush bashing..."

    They grow up fast these days, don't they?

  14. Thanks, Janine :)

    Oh, lovely, thank you, Tracey, and please thank your Hydrographer, too :)

    Less on the Frankie Howerd and more on the 4 wheel driving, Brian :P