Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Some left-overs to tease you with

Cos the building appealed to me.

Is pretty.

My Mum's gardenia.
Thrives on neglect.

That's Dad tucked under the brolly, in the wheelchair with all the shopping.
Wave to Dad!


The Castlemaine RSL was armed and slightly dangerous.

Prickly thing at Botanical Gardens, of the Royal variety.


Pressed metal ceiling on shop verandah.

Brought to you by the simple fact I'm too lazy to go out to the kitchen to retrieve the camera and upload the bajillion of snaps with which to torment you as part of my cunning plan to take over the world.
Think yourselves lucky.


  1. Jayne? When you're running the world, can I be your highly paid assistant dictator of the world? Just thought I'd ask. First thing that I'm going to do is outlaw shops that sell highly priced plants that don't thrive on neglect.

  2. (Waving to Dad)

    I love that pressed metal ceiling!

  3. Oh Lordy, I actually did wave at my computer, at your dad. I must be more tired than I thought.