Monday, April 5, 2010

Stuff you didn't want to know from the weird-arse chick

Tomorrow, sometime after I pry my eyelids open and manage to find a pair of crutches for my aching feet, I will do an update.
It will include a shedload of piccys as Feral Beast and I walked from Flinders Street Station to Dights Falls.
Fantastic trail, well paved, well marked, I highly recommend it to everyone.
And the views of the river...!
But, in the meantime I'll just park my posterior on a barbed wire fence and sleep for the next eleventy hundred hours.


  1. "I highly recommend it to everyone."

    Go on've twisted my arm. Send me the plane fare and I'll come and have a look.

  2. I need to rest up from stuffing myself yesterday so a break is good for me too.
    Just don't delay long I need my photo fix. ;-)

  3. I can manage 10 pounds, Brian, is that enough? :P

    LOL Won't be long, Elizabeth ;)

  4. Walking is ever so bad for your health - wears your feet out and ultimately, if you do too much of it, makes you shorter.