Saturday, April 3, 2010

Tootling off to the scene of the volcano and the stalker

Yarra River from Princes Bridge...near here was once a morgue...nice, eh?

Random water feature doing it's thang.

Police Memorial for those killed in the line of duty.

We send boys off to war, erect grand monuments and give great orations to honour them.
Yet begrudge survivors any extra penny in their pocket.

St Kilda Road Barracks.
Would look simply darling with some chintz framing the windows and a few pots of geraniums brightening the stonework. (/sarcasm)

Word on the street is that he's dead, too.

Shrine of Remembrance.
Will be marching up there with Dad on 25th.

Fromelles Memorial.
19th July, 1916

Recycled water.

I can haz for mine town house, yez?

I happy to sleep in here to keep bad penguins from invading Botanic Gardens.
Somewhere my stalker was watching, waiting and blogged my passing him by.
*waves to DrewAn*

Guilfoyle's Volcano.
Click on the "Clean water" image to read of the natural process to clean the water via the floating islands.
Bottom pic - even though it looks manky, Feral Beast tells me it's teeming with water boatmen, dragonflies (which were copulating with wild abandon in front of spectators, apparently) and other insects which indicate the water is healthy.

View from top of volcano.

Trying to get arty-farty with play of light in puddle.
Seriously need a DSLR.

Lake levels still need topping up.

Around this time the brand new batteries I'd packed for the camera, which I'd been swearing profusely at substituting and swapping about, completely gave up the ghost. 
We won't mention it was a packet of 20 hundred bajillion or that they were recently bought or the brand, suffice to say they are of the 'crimson' variety and shall never darken our doorstep again.
Now we view pics taken with a cheap old mobile phone.

Feral Beast loves Moreton Bay Fig Trees with their aerial roots and sculpture-like trunks.

Cute widdle fwuffy cygnet following mum.

List of all the directors of the Royal Botanic Gardens.
Sorry about the pea-souper, welcome to my world :P

Nylex clock.
Heritage listed.
Still not working.
Has it's own Facebook page 
"Return the power to the Nylex Clock".

First sale of land in City of Prahran.
Before you ask it cost him the grand sum of £672.

Loving the Middle Eastern/Byzantine influence happening here.

Somewhere along Alexander Ave these perch high above the hoi polloi.

From bridge over Chapel Street.
Which we crossed three times in an effort to find our way to a train station.


  1. Write a snotty letter and get replacement batteries. Lovely photos anyway and the house is mine.
    I saw the volcano on the news and it's about time we built something up instead of tearing down. It's going to look fabulous when the plants get going.

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. It's just lovely, JahTeh, well worth the hard work ;)

  4. Well, quite a co-incidence. Great photos. You travelled some miles. Exhausting.

    The fountain is the one paid for by Ron Walker. It was off for a good while and now uses recycled water and has had a renovation.

    All these building I know so well. The Hollywood flat blocks are wonderful. There is a link on my blog under My Photo Work.

    Feral Beast needs to go to Darwin to see some stupendous Moreton Bay Figs.

    Nylex is broke and so is the clock. Who will pay for the clock?

  5. Ahhh, thanks for ID-ing the fountain et el, Andrew, was grabbing shots on the way to the gardens and came home the scenic route lol.

  6. I like the Moreton Bay Fig Trees too.
    In fact I like the photo tour. (bet you knew I would )

  7. Thanks, Elizabeth, hoping to post some more soon ;)