Saturday, April 3, 2010

Volcanoes in Melbourne, lost in Melbourne and currently snoring somewhere in Melbourne

Having traipsed from Flinders street station up to the Royal Botanic Gardens to eyeball Guilfoyle's Volcano (which is a good 'un), through the gardens for hours and out again we somehow ended up on Alexander Ave and trotting towards Punt rd.
Did I mention Dad was having a vague moment day and had not the foggiest of what roads intersected where anymore, while my eyesight is getting dodgier than a $3 note and Feral Beast, who can guide us but hasn't any idea of the geography of Melbourne.. sounds like a bad Irishman, Englishman and Australian walk into a bar we somehow ended up at South Yarra station.
Miles out of our way.
*holds hand up*
Don't even bother asking how we managed it, The Spouse has tried to decipher our trail and he gave up after 20 mins close to tears...tears of laughter.
So, I'm thinking investing in a handheld GPS might be a wise move.
Got a shedload of pics to upload from both camera and mobile ...including photos of the cutest, sweetest, fluffiest bubba swan (yes, I know it's correctly called a cygnet, I'm being lazy, ok?).
I ache from the tips of my ears to the tips of my toes, a pleasant ache from wrestling the (new, light) wheelchair into submission on the downward paths of the gardens which have a gradient that give Thomas the Tank Engine the vapours.
But I shall leave you with the exciting news that on this day in 1882 the Hawthorn to Camberwell wailway twack opened, the Battle of Manners street took place between the Kiwi and American soldiers in 1943, the Montreal Canadiens took out the Stanley Cup in the new Montreal Forum for the first time in 1930 and poor old Oscar Wilde's libel trial which he brought began on this day in 1895 but took a nasty turn and he ended up imprisoned for having good taste in Florence Broadhurst's wallpaper patterns.
Sorry, no links today, eyeballs are but pissholes in the snow.
Nighty night!


  1. "...eyeballs are but pissholes in the snow..."

    I dread to think what that makes your nose then.