Monday, April 12, 2010

Water will always find its own way no matter what stupid pink monkeys do

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Have a rough guess what this is.....
Give up?
It's the original storm water outlet at a railway station nearby.
The underpass of the station is lined with them.
Presumably to channel the rain water from above through into small half pipe gutters then into the storm water drains.
One would assume.

Except, as these photos show, someone has decided to block the majority of them up.
At about the same time as they did extensive works to remedy the flooding issue in the subway these were sealed.
Makes as much sense as a chocolate teapot.

These photos were taken when there was no rain here but there was plenty up in the hills.
Meaning the ground springs were topped up.
The constant seepage of water is not from a rainwater but from spring water.
This area was originally an extensive wetlands, fed by many natural ground springs and creeks.
And they blocked up the outlets.

This last one isn't blocked but others further up the incline from it have not only been blocked but the half-pipe gutter has been removed and asphalted over.
As you can imagine the blockages haven't stopped the actual water from seeking a release and during sudden heavy downpours these 'blocked' outlets are like a hose with a thumb covering the opening - water under pressure going everywhere but the place it was intended...the gutter and storm water drain.
Wonder if this was a brainstorm from the dweeb who decided to do away with the fish-plates on train tracks which allow expansion of metal in hot weather, thereby buckling the tracks?
Me and water....I seem to have a fascination for the stuff *snort*.


  1. Wouldn't there be a pump? If excess water is detected, the pump operates?

  2. Nope, no pump as far as we know.

  3. lol at your water obesession. Kinda confusing the whole thing. Sounds like a case of the right hand not knowing what the left is doing.

  4. sighhhhh. one wonders if the concept of the basic physical principals of water escaped them...

  5. LOL You nailed it there, Janine.

    Amanda, I think commonsense escaped them ;)