Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Yarra River Trail stroll part 1

Re-posting this for Red's Around the World EXTRAVAGANZA!
Besides, the photos are half-decent.

Oh, yes, a leisurely stroll for a quiet Easter Monday.
I think the trail had more people than in Bourke Street at lunchtime during Xmas... when Myers had announced a sale.
Yeah, that many people.
But, I must hastily add, there was more consideration, respect and good manners shown between joggers, cyclists and pedestrians than has been witnessed from car drivers for many a long decade.
On with the pitchers...
Underside of Princes Bridge, beginning our trek from Flinders Street Station.

 Remember I took a pic of those palm trees from atop Princes Bridge the other day on our Royal Botanic Gardens walk?
Here's a different view of them.
Storm water outlet, frequented by birdies.

Roots entwined around the bluestone border.
Nature always finds a way...

It's a...doohickeywhatsit.

Stapley Parade Reserve, in Birrarung Marr.

Book-end twin near Morell Bridge.
Explanation HERE.

Morell Bridge.
Info HERE.

Back towards the city from whence we came.
*is feeling all Biblical and Lot's wife-ish*

It says Dights Falls are 10.7 kilometres away.
Don't believe the sign, listen to my feet that say it was a gazillion kms...

Just Hoddling about...

Under the South-eastern Freeway....

...the Yarra, she is VERRRRRRRY stinky here.
*Roll your Rs and make guttural noises of disgust in the back of your throat*

This to our right while over to our left was...


Melbourne High School, Forrest Hill, South Yarra.
History HERE.

The trail makes us mere mortals walk on water...

The large amount of birdlife along the river belies the stench and the bad rep.

Herring Island.

Ducking in under the South-Eastern Freeway to find....
Burnley Boat Harbour.
Info HERE on it's birth.

Rock climbing wall underneath freeway.

Walls 2 & 3.

Gone fishin'.
Though I wouldn't partake of the meal that came out of that river myself.

Keep walking....

So difficult to look at this vista.

Sat upon a strategically placed seat and enjoyed the day for 20 mins.

MacRobertson Bridge, built so Macpherson Robertson's delivery trucks could have a direct route, which spelt the death for the Twickenham Ferry.

Hard work, this....

'Only' 8.5 kms to Dights Falls.
Around about this time I realised I'd rolled my ankle at some stage and was impersonating a hobbled horse trying to clear the Grand National hurdles (not pretty).

A bridge.

A sign.

A scene.

The Heyington Diversion.
3 roods and 10 perches.
Remember that, it might come in handy one day.
Or not.

A cave.

This is the Gardiners Creek Trail that shoots off from the Yarra River trail (footbridge up on right in lower pic), plaque burbles about it in top pic, while lower pic shows Gardiners Creek making merry with the Yarra River.

Whattya mean it's too thin to plough and too thick to drink?


'Nother bridge.
Up near Kew way.
I think.

If you look reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeally carefully you can see the water measurement sticks beside the steps that the photographer (moi) almost succeeded in capturing.

Getting all arty-farty.
I blame the sore foot.

Yarra Boulevard aka Susso Drive.
History/info HERE.

New path not quite finished or opened for use yet.

I fear I have developed a fetish for bridges....

Pretty shell-decoration on above bridge.

C'mon, it's only another 5kms...

For those tootling to work via punt...

Yes, some would describe sections of the river as still (ob)noxious...

And here I will call it quits as this is taking forever and a day.