Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Birdie num nums in the backyard

 Today is a visual feast of Rainbow Lorikeets.

1872 The Adelaide GPO in King William Street was officiously officially opened.

Cos they're purdy.

1966 The Royal Canadian Mint announced it was going to strike! a $20 gold Centennial coin.

And they're cheeky.

1996 The New Zealand Royal honours system was established.

And a damn sight kinder on the eye than what I glimpse in the mirror each morning!


  1. We just get seagulls in our garden, pestering the cats.

  2. They're a bit harder on the eye and ear, Brian. Here, feel free to borrow our lorikeets, there's plenty available!

  3. lol and we get your garden variety sparrows in our backyard lol...beautiful colours.

  4. I see these pretties in the late spring to late summer every morning in the gum trees on my way to work. noisy little buggers, but so lovely to look at.

  5. They are beautiful, Jayne. We've had them hanging around here for a while too. The neighbour has a big feeder out, and they have been eating him out of house and home.

    Imagine trying to camouflage yourself in those feathers, or better still imagine the tree they match.

  6. Okay ... I give up. I figure the $100m headstone to be the SOH, but who the hell was Paddy?

  7. LOL Janine.

    Very raucous, River, but buzzing the sky full of colour.

    They've taken to hanging around out of season here, too, def the changing weather patterns and learning to get food from humans.

    I've posted the link in your comments, Julie, to take mercy on your curiosity so to speak lol.

  8. Pretty birdies!

    CJ was amazed yesterday see what looked like a see of white cockatoos covering half a hockey field on our way home.