Monday, May 31, 2010


Sometime this month in 1796 fishermen tripped over coal at Port Stephens.
And that's when the shyte really hit the fan.

June 1st
1837 Town allotments in both Melbourne and Williamstown were offered for sale today.
Yeah, yeah, build me a time machine and I'll promise to get so excited I'll rub your dog with margarine.
Or something.
1927 Govt-owned liquor stores in Ontario began flogging permits to adults after prohibition, pupped in that area in 1921, was kicked to the kerb. Cheers!
1984 The AIDS Support Network was established on this day in NZ, which became known as The New Zealand AIDS Foundation the following year.

My mission, sometime this century, is to get the feral kid on board the V/Line train to Bendigo to take him to eyeball McCubbin.
Click the link, the dude rocks.
My second mission is to convince the art gallery to hold the exhibition long enough for me to drag the kid on board the train and actually make it to Bendigo in one piece, all before he turns 35.
He wants to go, he loves McCubbin, he loves art...but.
Even Sheldon has issues with Goofy...

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  1. A friend has just seen the McCubbin exhibition. She told me it was excellent. I hope you can get to see it soon. If only they served Devonshire tea on all the country trains, I would have been there myself by now.

  2. Love the name "feral kid!" i have a few that I will tag with it. Interesting post -- barbara

  3. EVERYONE has issues with Goofy.
    Love the BBT.
    Clicking the McCubbin link now.

  4. Lol at LiD.

    Has FB done the mine tour or ridden the tram? Make it an overnight stay and do the lot.

  5. Ah, McCubbin's an impressionist. Can he do Tommy Cooper?

  6. Ooooo, LiD, I so wish V/Line was like the XPT, marvellous, with possible imaginings it was devonshire tea ;)

    Thanks, Barbara :)

    Goofy is evil and must be punished, River ;)

    You've convinced me, Andrew, will look into it ;)

    No, but I'm sure he can do a wicked Babs Windsor from her early period, Brian ;P